Wholesale Price List Templates

Wholesale price list has all the prices of the products that you buy for your business. In order to generate profit from it, you would always have to double your retails price. This is very important for the retailers. Another thing why it is important is that the overhead that the store has. Therefore, it is not like when you sell to a store, and they double it and make millions from that.

It is pretty slim for the retailer. As, they are paying the cost for the shipment of the product to the store, they are paying the rent, they are paying their selling staff etc. So, the retailing is a very tough business.

As traders, a lot of people that come in to this society have to think about the prices. It is just as if they are consumers. They think about the absolute cost of anything that they buy. Rather than thinking like business owners they think about the relative cost or the value of something they buy like the consumers. So, you are thinking in proper terms. They can think about the prices, that is, the wholesale prices and the retail prices.

Everyone knows that the traders want to buy wholesale versus retail.  So, it’s a good way to start thinking about the options that you are making. Too often, the armature traders chase the trade and pay the retail when they should be looking for opportunities to buy at wholesale.

If you make a chart for the wholesale price list versus the retail price list. There will be then an upward trend that you will observe. If you put prices to this graph, that is, a couple of shares then a lot of traders will shy away from trading. They would simply believe that it is too expensive. This is an improper way to think about the wholesale price list and the retail prices. It is not about the absolute cost but the relative cost.

For example: You have a share of 21000 rupees. Now, may be that price is expensive for the stock. Also, may be it is inexpensive. It depends on the position of the stock with in that channel at any given time. So, the retail price and the whole sale price will be near to each other at this point. At this point it is expensive. Many of the amature traders will buy at this time by relying on the stock.

However, after several weeks, the chart goes in to another cycle. From there it again goes up and then goes down. At the lower end it is closer to the lower trend line of the wholesale price. The price remains the same at each curve but the relative value entirely changes. So, maybe now at the other curve, it would be better to purchase. At this point of wholesale price list, the trade output will be good and the risk will be minimum. This is how the professional traders enters the market.

Free Wholesale Price List Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Wholesale Price List Templates.

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Download “Wholesale Price List Template 05” Wholesale-Price-List-Template05-.xlsx – Downloaded 52 times – 52 KB

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Download “Wholesale Price List Template 09” Wholesale-Price-List-Template-09.xlsx – Downloaded 45 times – 17 KB

Download “Wholesale Price List Template 10” Wholesale-Price-List-Template-09-1.xlsx – Downloaded 72 times – 17 KB

Download “Wholesale Price List Template 11” Wholesale-Price-List-Template-11.docx – Downloaded 50 times – 16 KB

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