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Best Market Practices To Write White Papers 

Introduction to White Papers:

Generally speaking, a white paper is just a marketing or advertisement tactic for promoting a product or brand in the market but when we deeply look into it, it has much more potential. Some people refer to white papers as marketing brochures and pamphlets and they are right to some extent but keep in mind that a white paper has more details and unlike a brochure, a white paper first discusses a common problem and then provide the solution with the right advertisement of a product or a brand.

In this age when everything has become digital and people are losing contact with actual papers and books, it seems an arrow in the dark to use a reading material for advertisement instead of creating a campaign or television ad but this paper has proved its importance in the past and there are reasons why many companies and organizations still create and use white papers.

Security White Papers Templates

Download these 25 Free White Papers Templates to start preparing your own White Papers easily.

White Papers Templates

Download “White Papers Template 01” White-Papers-Template-01.zip – Downloaded 66 times – 156 KB

White Papers Template 02

Download “White Papers Template 02” White-Papers-Template-02.zip – Downloaded 72 times – 104 KB

White Papers Template 03

Download “White Papers Template 03” White-Papers-Template-03.zip – Downloaded 68 times – 406 KB

Editable White Papers Templates

White Papers Template 04

Download “White Papers Template 04” White-Papers-Template-04.zip – Downloaded 69 times – 205 KB

White Papers Template 05

Download “White Papers Template 05” White-Papers-Template-05.zip – Downloaded 75 times – 128 KB

White Papers Template 06

Download “White Papers Template 06” White-Papers-Template-06.zip – Downloaded 65 times – 515 KB

White Papers Design Templates

Here are some editable White Paper Templates which can be easily customized according to your requirement

White Papers Template 07

Download “White Papers Template 07” White-Papers-Template-07.zip – Downloaded 85 times – 127 KB

White Papers Template 08

Download “White Papers Template 08” White-Papers-Template-08.zip – Downloaded 189 times – 492 KB

White Papers Template 09

Download “White Papers Template 09” White-Papers-Template-09.zip – Downloaded 77 times – 855 KB

White Papers Template 10

Download “White Papers Template 10” White-Papers-Template-10.zip – Downloaded 69 times – 190 KB

White Papers Template 11

Download “White Papers Template 11” White-Papers-Template-11.zip – Downloaded 63 times – 215 KB

White Papers Template 12

Download “White Papers Template 12” White-Papers-Template-12.zip – Downloaded 75 times – 185 KB

White Papers Templates MS Word

White Papers Template 13

Download “White Papers Template 13” White-Papers-Template-13.zip – Downloaded 77 times – 134 KB

White Papers Template 14

Download “White Papers Template 14” White-Papers-Template-14.zip – Downloaded 67 times – 77 KB

White Papers Template 15

Download “White Papers Template 15” White-Papers-Template-15.zip – Downloaded 63 times – 30 KB

White Papers Template 16

Download “White Papers Template 16” White-Papers-Template-16.zip – Downloaded 73 times – 139 KB

White Papers Template 17

Download “White Papers Template 17” White-Papers-Template-17.zip – Downloaded 226 times – 1 MB

White Papers Format

White Papers Template 18

Download “White Papers Template 18” White-Papers-Template-18.zip – Downloaded 72 times – 447 KB

White Papers Template 19

Download “White Papers Template 19” White-Papers-Template-19.zip – Downloaded 196 times – 53 KB

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White Papers Template 20

Download “White Papers Template 20” White-Papers-Template-20.zip – Downloaded 66 times – 182 KB

White Papers Template 21

Download “White Papers Template 21” White-Papers-Template-21.zip – Downloaded 77 times – 709 KB


White Papers Template 22

Download “White Papers Template 22” White-Papers-Template-22.zip – Downloaded 68 times – 131 KB

Best White Papers Templates

White Papers Template 23

Download “White Papers Template 23” White-Papers-Template-23.zip – Downloaded 67 times – 73 KB

White Papers Template 24

Download “White Papers Template 24” White-Papers-Template-24.zip – Downloaded 92 times – 757 KB

White Papers Template 25


Download “White Papers Template 25” White-Papers-Template-25.zip – Downloaded 82 times – 180 KB

Market Practices and Tips for Writing White Papers:

  1. Solve an Actual Problem:

    You won’t believe but it’s true that some of the white papers are written with generic material and there is actually no real problem to be solved but just some advertisement for a product or a brand. This is something that you should avoid at any cost. When you create a white paper for your product or brand, it should discuss a real problem that customers or consumers are facing and then the paper should discuss the characteristics and features of your product as the perfect solution. This way not only the readers can relate to your product but when they see the explanation, there are higher chances of proper response to your requests.

  2. Conduct Proper Research:

    One thing that’s common in failed white papers is that they were created in a rush or improper research. When you want to create a white paper for your organization or brand, it’s important to see the impact of various formats and designs on the same market segment. A pro tip is to look for white papers of similar brands and organizations because this way you can see the characteristics that distinguish them or the flaws that caused failure.

  3. Use Images and Graphics:

    A picture can speak thousand words and this fact is also true for white papers. If you ask readers and general audience, most of them will favor in seeing more images and graphs rather than reading long sentences and paragraphs. Not only that using graphs and pictures make the white paper appear more professional but you can save lots of space and actually include more details and information with smaller space.

  4. Use Correct Facts and Figures:

    One of the most important elements of writing a white paper is to never lie and always stick with real and provable facts and figures. You could use false figures to save time but it’s better to do proper research and find the real facts from the market in order to create an authenticated white paper that impacts readers.

  5. Request Minimum Information in Return:

    It’s not very common but when you do some research, most people don’t reply or respond to white papers just because they ask for too much information and the reader finds it complicated or time consuming. For getting contact details of readers, you should ask for only important items in return including full name, phone number and email address. Asking for anything else is equal to pushing it too far.

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