Weekly Schedule Templates

Have you ever seen donkeys, often taunted for working harder than any other species? And whenever we see someone working more than the capacity, we often metaphors it with donkeywork? Even after working harder and harder yet still donkeys are considered as nincompoops, have you ever considered why? It is simple, because brilliants never do donkeywork they do smart work and first and foremost thing which helps you being smarter is planning your time by using daily or Weekly Schedule.

Weekly Schedule Guidelines

Scheduling can be done on the basis of months, weeks or days; it all depends upon the nature of task you are making plans for. By nature of the tasks I mean, duration that a task require to be completed. Daily schedules are used for the tasks likes making bed, drinking healthy beverages and writing the tasks for next day. Such tasks doesn’t require so much to get done and also need you tally the schedule sheet again and again.

On the other hand, if you look and weekly planning or Weekly Schedule, tasks that require more time and cannot be done on everyday basis comes in it. To plan 7 days tasks, Weekly Schedule is used. You can download layouts for Weekly Schedule from the internet to plan tasks for your weeks. These layouts are called Weekly Schedule Templates, which are accessible for free from the internet. If you are a house wife, a worker or an employer, Weekly Schedule is equally beneficial for you.

Using Weekly Schedules

Weekly Schedules have some perks over daily on monthly schedules such as; they make you feel less robotic and less frequent while doing your routine work as you can take pauses during your tasks. Along with this, the tasks include in Weekly Schedules are more productive and important than daily tasks and give better payoffs.

Along with this, using Weekly Schedule is also beneficial when tasks are based on the group activities. Consider, you are a supervisor of team then making a Weekly Schedule would be helpful as here, you will not have to tell a number of people again and again, what to do; in fact pinging only once in a day would be enough to alert each and every group member and to notify about their task of the day. Along with this, Weekly Schedule are also helpful in personal activities such as, you can plan for the time for the appointment you have with your pet’s vet.

Free Weekly Schedule Templates

Weekly schedules divide the whole work of a week into smaller pieces which you will perform on every day basis and at the end of each week, you will get your tasks completed in a less frantic way. You will be able to focus on the task more keenly here and your performance in the whole task will prosperous. In this way, your supervisor or boss will become happier with you and can even offer you bonuses.

So, it is recommended that you plan your weeks by using Weekly Schedules, for a better output of your tasks.

Here are previews and download links for these Weekly Schedule Templates.


Download “Weekly Schedule Template 01” Weekly-Schedule-Template-01.doc – Downloaded 110 times – 27 KB




Download “Weekly Schedule Template 02” Weekly-Schedule-Template-02.doc – Downloaded 104 times – 2 MB





Download “Weekly Schedule Template 03” Weekly-Schedule-Template-03.doc – Downloaded 98 times – 295 KB





Download “Weekly Schedule Template 04” Weekly-Schedule-Template-04.doc – Downloaded 99 times – 2 MB




Download “Weekly Schedule Template 05” Weekly-Schedule-Template-05.doc – Downloaded 108 times – 1 MB





Download “Weekly Schedule Template 06” Weekly-Schedule-Template-06.doc – Downloaded 109 times – 1 MB





Download “Weekly Schedule Template 07” Weekly-Schedule-Template-07.docx – Downloaded 119 times – 12 KB






Download “Weekly Schedule Template 08” Weekly-Schedule-Template-08.doc – Downloaded 93 times – 62 KB





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Download “Weekly Schedule Template 11” Weekly-Schedule-Template-11.zip – Downloaded 104 times – 7 KB






Download “Weekly Schedule Template 12” Weekly-Schedule-Template-12.doc – Downloaded 108 times – 78 KB






Download “Weekly Schedule Template 13” Weekly-Schedule-Template-13.doc – Downloaded 100 times – 1 MB





Download “Weekly Schedule Template 14” Weekly-Schedule-Template-14.doc – Downloaded 89 times – 982 KB




Download “Weekly Schedule Template 15” Weekly-Schedule-Template-15.xls – Downloaded 122 times – 34 KB

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