Wanted Poster Templates

Download free best Printable Wanted Poster Templates in MS Word.  Here are also some guidelines to create a quick and appealing poster.

Wanted Posters have been a common sight in the past. They were mostly used to track down criminals, fugitives, and other people who were on the wrong side of the law. However, with the technological advancements involved, there have been many changes in the way of a Wanted Poster Design. However, what are the main elements of a Wanted Poster that must always be included? Below are some of the key elements that must always be included in a Wanted Poster Design:

Basic Personal Information

Wanted Posters always contain the basic personal information of the person of interest. This information can include the name (preferably the full names) of the person, a detailed description of the person in full, and the crime which they allegedly committed. The full report also included any significant scarring that they had (if any). They were always prepared and circulated by police officials or other government police departments. They were often displayed in public places or other areas with high traffic. Other parties who also took part in preparing and circulating Wanted Posters were security groups and private companies who had recently experienced a robbery.

A Picture or an Image of the Person

One key element to always include in a Wanted Poster Design is the picture of the person of interest. In cases where the photo of the person of interest is not available, then a sketch of the person or an image of the person is allowed to be used. This is done where a citizen comes to report a criminal, and they don’t know the name or any other vital information on the person of interest. In this case, the victim can be asked to describe what they remember about the person and the police will try their best to come up with a sketch that is close enough to the description given.


Free Wanted Poster Templates

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Wanted Poster Template 22

Download “Wanted Poster Template 22” Wanted-Poster-Template-22.zip – Downloaded 274 times – 112 KB

Wanted Poster Template 21

Download “Wanted Poster Template 21” Wanted-Poster-21.zip – Downloaded 237 times – 402 KB

Wanted Poster Template 01

Download “Wanted Poster Template 01” Wanted-Poster-Template-01.zip – Downloaded 198 times – 3 MB




Wanted Poster Template 02

Download “Wanted Poster Template 02” Wanted-Poster-Template-02.zip – Downloaded 129 times – 175 KB




Wanted Poster Template 03

Download “Wanted Poster Template 03” Wanted-Poster-Template-03.zip – Downloaded 127 times – 2 MB




Wanted Poster Template 04

Download “Wanted Poster Template 04” Wanted-Poster-Template-04.zip – Downloaded 132 times – 24 KB

Wanted Poster Template 05

Download “Wanted Poster Template 05” Wanted-Poster-Template-05.zip – Downloaded 151 times – 130 KB

Wanted Poster Template 06

Download “Wanted Poster Template 06” Wanted-Poster-Template-06.zip – Downloaded 155 times – 14 KB

Wanted Poster Template 07

Download “Wanted Poster Template 07” Wanted-Poster-Template-07.zip – Downloaded 276 times – 14 MB

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Wanted Poster Template 08

Download “Wanted Poster Template 08” Wanted-Poster-Template-08.zip – Downloaded 122 times – 27 KB

Wanted Poster Template 09

Download “Wanted Poster Template 09” Wanted-Poster-Template-09-.zip – Downloaded 198 times – 16 MB

Wanted Poster Template 10

Download “Wanted Poster Template 10” Wanted-Poster-Template-10.zip – Downloaded 131 times – 676 KB

Wanted Poster Template 11

Download “Wanted Poster Template 11” Wanted-Poster-Template-11.zip – Downloaded 153 times – 19 KB



Wanted Poster Template 12

Download “Wanted Poster Template 12” Wanted-Poster-Template-12.zip – Downloaded 153 times – 859 KB

Wanted Poster Template 13

Download “Wanted Poster Template 13” Wanted-Poster-Template-13.zip – Downloaded 143 times – 32 KB

Wanted Poster Template 14

Download “Wanted Poster Template 14” Wanted-Poster-Template-14.zip – Downloaded 200 times – 17 MB

Wanted Poster Template 15

Download “Wanted Poster Template 15” Wanted-Poster-Template-15.zip – Downloaded 146 times – 210 KB

Wanted Poster Template 16

Download “Wanted Poster Template 16” Wanted-Poster-Template16.zip – Downloaded 143 times – 41 KB

Wanted Poster Template 17

Download “Wanted Poster Template 17” Wanted-Poster-Template-17.zip – Downloaded 197 times – 17 MB

Wanted Poster Template 18

Download “Wanted Poster Template 18” Wanted-Poster-Template-18-1.zip – Downloaded 153 times – 418 KB

Wanted Poster Template 19

Download “Wanted Poster Template 19” Wanted-Poster-Template-19.zip – Downloaded 131 times – 55 KB

Wanted Poster Template 20

Download “Wanted Poster Template 20” Wanted-Poster-Template-20-.zip – Downloaded 198 times – 3 MB

The reward for Capture In Wanted Poster Template

When a Wanted Poster is issued out, the main aim is to involve the public in tracking down the person of interest. The most efficient way to achieve this is to include a reward for the capture of the alleged criminal. Including a reward for capture on the Wanted Poster will act as a motivation for anyone who has any information concerning the person of interest to come forward and say it.

The reward is the reason why some people have dedicated themselves to looking for wanted people so as to be given the reward. Theses group of people are known as bounty hunters.An ideal Wanted Poster Design has undergone various changes over time. The major shifts in the technology world have also led to the introduction of electronic Wanted Posters. This is the reason why printed posters are not a common sight anymore.

However, whether printed or electronic, there are some key elements that should never be left out from the Wanted Posters. These include the basic information of the person of interest (including the crime they allegedly committed), an image or photo of the person in question, and a reward for capture.