Training Certificate Templates

Certificates are not just a piece of paper rather they are a proof of your learning. Training Certificates are given to an individual when he/she completes any kind of training pursued from a reputed institute or any authorized training center. These certificates are very important and are considered crucial in job interviews. Thus, if you are also among those institutes or centers that provide any kind of training, you must know the guidelines that will help you in preparing an authentic Training Certificate.

There is no specific format for such certificates but take care that you do not give it a funky look nor does it look vague. It can be considered as a formal document of utmost important. Thus, mention only relevant data, keeping it is subtle and to-the-point. Usually, a rectangular shape is preferred which can have a matte finish or a shiny look. Most preferred is the landscape rectangular format rather than portrait.

Time changes and so do things. The trend shifts from stereotype to modern and from necessity to accessory. The design for clothes, home décor and even for gadgets change, then why formal papers have to lag behind. The design trend for Training Certificate is simple yet elegant. Ensure that you include a thick border. Do not go for multi-colored border rather keep it golden or red. The sheet or the paper used must be thick. Choose any appropriate visible font and size. Unnecessarily do not go for stylish font as they are not at all legible.

At the middle top space, mention in bold, the name of your training center or the institute. Do not include address or locality beneath this. Straight away mention the objective of issuing the Training Certificate, i.e. the reason or what was the training related to. Mention the name of the trainee in bold and highlight. After this, do not forget to mention the position, rank, score or any other significant information. Also, the level or the stage achieved can be included, if applicable. Lastly, the Training Certificate must be signed by the authorized person. Minimum of two signatures are a must- one of the trainer or the mentor and the other of the head or the dean of the institution.

Ensure that you also mention the name of the organization through which your institute is affiliated to. This gives the Training Certificate a more genuine look and adds to its reputation as well as educational value.

Since, the certificate is an important document, do not add any watermarks, images or any other pictures unnecessarily. Even the border chosen must be simple with no further design. There is an important thing to be taken care of. These days because of the advancement in technology, printing shops and equipment are capable of delivering the exact replica of the Training Certificate. Thus, make sure that you have some differentiating factor that cannot be imitated. For example, you can use a special kind of ink for printing, special colored-ink can be used for signature, logo design can be differentiated, etc.

Free Training Certificate Template

Here are previews and download links for these free Training Certificate Templates.


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