Tenancy Agreement Templates

Introduced here one of the best collections of free simple Tenancy Agreement Templates that are crafted in a professional style. You can also visit here Rental Agreement.

A Tenancy Agreement lists out the rules that landlords and tenants have to agree to and follow. It is a legal contract essential when you rent out your property. It has details like the time period for which the tenant can occupy the property and the rental amount due each month. The following Tenancy Agreement Guidelines must be followed while drafting the same:

Essential Elements For Tenancy Agreement Templates

The names of all adults must be mentioned in the Tenancy Agreement who will be named as tenants for your property. They must sign the agreement and follow all terms and conditions along with the proper usage of the rental property, i.e. house. They are also responsible for the amount due. In case if any one of them violates the conditions, the tenancy can be terminated on Tenancy Agreement.

Limits on Occupancy

It is always better to specify the number people on the Tenancy Agreement who will be using your space. It includes all members like married couples, parents, children, single members etc. This gives a proof that you give them the right to use your property and also in case you want to put restrictions on the number of tenants.

Term of the Tenancy

Make sure that you clearly specify in the Tenancy Agreement document whether it is a rental agreement or a fixed one. Mostly, the rental agreements are on monthly basis.  Also, make sure that you specify about the flexibility in arrangements of your property only if you are comfortable. If you have any other terms, you must mention clearly.


The Tenancy Agreement guidelines say that you must specify the amount of rent due which mostly is paid in the first week of the month or the last week of the month. Along with it, you must also inform about the mode of payment and late fee charges, if any.

Fee Deposits

Here, we mean to say about the security deposits, its use, and return policy. Be clear and specific on the Tenancy Agreement document to avoid hassles and confusion. It usually includes the amount of the security deposit, how you may use this deposit, when and how to return the deposit, and any non-refundable fees.


Simple Tenancy Agreement Templates



Tenancy Agreement Template 01



Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 01” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-01.zip – Downloaded 160 times – 6 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 02




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 02” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-02.zip – Downloaded 76 times – 12 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 03





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 03” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-03.zip – Downloaded 72 times – 212 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 04




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 04” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-04.zip – Downloaded 92 times – 156 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 05




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 05” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-05.zip – Downloaded 106 times – 100 KB





Tenancy Agreement Template 06




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 06” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-06.zip – Downloaded 104 times – 4 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 07





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 07” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-07.zip – Downloaded 111 times – 28 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 08




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 08” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-08.zip – Downloaded 86 times – 4 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 09





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 09” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-09.zip – Downloaded 103 times – 6 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 10





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 10” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-10.zip – Downloaded 73 times – 237 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 11



Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 11” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-11.zip – Downloaded 88 times – 9 KB



Tenancy Agreement Template 12




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 12” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-12.zip – Downloaded 76 times – 42 KB









Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 13” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-13.zip – Downloaded 75 times – 427 KB





Tenancy Agreement Template 14




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 14” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-14.zip – Downloaded 94 times – 48 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 15





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 15” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-15.zip – Downloaded 74 times – 23 KB





Tenancy Agreement Template 16





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 16” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-16.zip – Downloaded 100 times – 117 KB





Tenancy Agreement Template 17




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 17” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-17.zip – Downloaded 109 times – 12 KB





Tenancy Agreement Template 18





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 18” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-18.zip – Downloaded 72 times – 114 KB





Tenancy Agreement Template 19




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 19” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-19.zip – Downloaded 83 times – 15 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 20





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 20” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-20.zip – Downloaded 83 times – 30 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 21




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 21” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-21.zip – Downloaded 90 times – 57 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 22




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 22” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-22.zip – Downloaded 75 times – 13 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 23





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 23” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-23.zip – Downloaded 77 times – 55 KB





Tenancy Agreement Template 24





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 24” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-24.zip – Downloaded 83 times – 62 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 25



Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 25” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-25.zip – Downloaded 84 times – 12 KB



Tenancy Agreement Template 26




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 26” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-26.zip – Downloaded 102 times – 19 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 27



Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 27” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-27.zip – Downloaded 111 times – 5 KB





Tenancy Agreement Template 28




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 28” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-28.zip – Downloaded 85 times – 84 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 29





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 29” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-29.zip – Downloaded 61 times – 40 KB





Tenancy Agreement Template 30





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 30” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-30.zip – Downloaded 75 times – 56 KB





Tenancy Agreement Template 31



Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 31” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-31.zip – Downloaded 91 times – 6 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 32




Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 32” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-32.zip – Downloaded 94 times – 32 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 33





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 33” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-33.zip – Downloaded 79 times – 15 KB




Tenancy Agreement Template 34





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 34” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-34.zip – Downloaded 77 times – 11 KB





Tenancy Agreement Template 35





Download “Tenancy Agreement Template 35” Tenancy-Agreement-Template-35.zip – Downloaded 103 times – 7 KB

Maintenance and Repairs

This section in the Tenancy Agreement is the most important of all as it creates tussles between the landlord and the tenants usually. Tenancy Agreement guidelines suggest that you must specifically mention the repair cost and maintenance charges. Also, inform about the responsibilities of the tenants which might be to keep the property clean, cause no harm and not to make alterations in the premises.

Restrictions on Tenant Illegal Activity

Ensure that you mention about the illegal activities restricted like drug dealing etc in your property. The Tenancy Agreement guidelines suggest that you also inform about the entry and exit of people like neighbors, relatives, friends, etc.

Other Restrictions

Ensure your Tenancy Agreement complies with relevant laws like health and safety codes, occupancy rules etc. Also, mention about the entry of pets. Thus, you must cover every aspect in the Tenancy Agreement to maintain healthy relationship with one another. These Tenancy Agreement guidelines will help you in drafting a perfect legal document for the same and avoid unnecessary confusion.

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