Team Contact List Templates

These Team Contact Lists are responsible to offer you a record of your employees along with the details, which you can use to contact them at various time. If you are going to manage a Team Contact List manually, then it requires lots of hard work and time and the tendency of error remain the same. Here are sharing free Team Contact List Templates to help you prepare and manage your own Contact Lists easily.

Internet has made everything easier and lead us to the opportunities to do in cost effective ways either it is related to your business, sports, school or managing anything at home, internet has it all. Moreover, as I said earlier, it offers extensive opportunities for business and earning money even without investing too much.

Anyhow, even the investment is low but still management of an online business requires all the stuff that you need in an offline business such as; a business plan, employee team, and tools to keep an eye of over the staff members and work flow if it is going smooth or not.

Moreover, this era has given birth to freelancing where number of people who are away from each other physically, working together on different projects. As an owner of online business, managing your workers’ team from all sides of the world is really something necessary and at the same time chocking. So, if you are managing a virtual members’ list Team Contact List is the key to success for your business.

Hence, the best solution to manage your Team Contact List is to use some computerized software of templates. Software and templates offer you sheet with blank spaces and where you will add the names, calling numbers, email address and home address (if required). You can also add the details regarding their work hours and time period in which they have worked with you.

Using Team Contact List Templates

Having such details in a Team Contact List will help you to manage the workforce better even if you are miles away from them and all the team members including you are located far away from each other. Calling virtual meeting, managing payments and assigning tasks to the workers become easy. Team Contact List will also tell you that how many workers are working under you at a certain time span.

Whenever, you need to send message to all the workers or a specific team member, just select their name(s). You can also choose between the options like if you want to send email a text message or both. Along with this, assigning task and keeping record of assigned tasks also become easier by using Team Contact List.

Team Contact List templates and software are available on the internet. You can download them by paying certain amounts or free. Basic versions of Team Contact List templates require lots of editing that will have to do by you. Anyhow, if you want a ready to use Team Contact List then go for paid or premium versions of Team Contact List templates. Because, even if purchasing such lists online costs you money, still it will be lesser then the stress that you will face in the absence of Team Contact Lists.

Free Team Contact List Templates

Here is a collection of free Team Contact List Templates in MS Word, MS Excel and/or in PDF format.

team contact list template 01

Here is its download link,

Download “Team Contact List Template 01” team-contact-list-template-01.xls – Downloaded 136 times – 37 KB

team contact list template 02

Download “Team Contact List Template 02” team-contact-list-template-02.xls – Downloaded 110 times – 540 KB

team contact list template 03

Download “Team Contact List Template 03” team-contact-list-template-03.doc – Downloaded 91 times – 40 KB

team contact list template 04

Download “Team Contact List Template 04” team-contact-list-template-04.xlsx – Downloaded 94 times – 13 KB


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