Team Charter Templates

Download these useful Team Charter Templates to help yourself in writing a Team Charter quickly in MS Word and MS Excel format.

Introduction to Team Charter:

It is a very common practice that upon receiving of a new project, a team is created within the organization and this team is solely created for the execution of that specific project. What each team member will do within the team, who is responsible for what, who is in charge of what responsibility and how communication will flow within and outside of the team are some of the elements that are assumed when a team is created. What smart organizations do is to put everything in writing and update each team member about their role and responsibility within the team. This document is known as a team charter.

Benefits of Using a Team Charter:

  • A team charter clearly indicates the key reason of team’s existence
  • Duration for which the team exists is also defined in the team charter
  • Names and designation of all team members are included
  • Individual responsibilities of each team member are clearly mentioned
  • Objective and goals of the team are clearly defined
  • Description of the project is included for clear understanding
  • Stakeholders are clearly introduced in the document
  • There are clear guidelines for decision making
  • Workload distribution is mutually agreed
  • Communication flow is clearly defined
  • Management of work activities is convenient and clear
  • Disputes and misunderstandings are kept to minimum
  • Disputes are timely resolved without wasting time

Team Charter Example pdf

Here are 20+ Free Team Charter Templates to help you prepare your own Team Charter quickly and within a few minutes.

Team Charter Templates

Download “Team Charter Template 01” – Downloaded 209 times – 14 KB

Team Charter Template 02

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Team Charter Template 03

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Team Charter Template 04

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Team Charter Template Google Docs

Here are download links and previews for these Team Charter Templates.

Team Charter Template 05

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Team Charter Template 06

Download “Team Charter Template 06” – Downloaded 97 times – 20 KB

Team Charter Template 07

Download “Team Charter Template 07” – Downloaded 81 times – 9 KB

Team Charter Template 08

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Team Charter Template 09

Download “Team Charter Template 09” – Downloaded 98 times – 18 KB

Team Charter Template 10

Download “Team Charter Template 10” – Downloaded 72 times – 37 KB

Team Charter Template 11

Download “Team Charter Template 11” – Downloaded 64 times – 12 KB

Team Charter Template 12

Download “Team Charter Template 12” – Downloaded 80 times – 67 KB

Team Charter Template 13

Download “Team Charter Template 13” – Downloaded 75 times – 46 KB

Team Charter Template 14

Download “Team Charter Template 14” – Downloaded 92 times – 19 KB

Organization Charter Template

Team Charter Template 15

Download “Team Charter Template 15” – Downloaded 79 times – 218 KB

Key Elements of a Team Charter:

  1. Team Purpose:

    This is the first part of a team charter and it defines the key purpose of creation of the team. This is a simple statement that indicates towards the key purpose and reason of this team to exist. For instance, team is created and team members are gathered for the execution of a project.

  2. Team Objectives:

    This portion indicates towards the goals and objectives that the team members will achieve during their existence. This is a detailed portion of the team charter and it often includes a long list of objectives and goals that the team is supposed to achieve.

  3. Introduction to Team Members:

    Next is the part where each of the team members is introduced formally in the report. This part starts with the name and designation of the team leader i.e. supervisor or manager and then names and designations of each of the member are included.

  4. Role and Responsibility of Each Member:

    This part includes individual role of each team member and his responsibility. It’s not common but sometimes if there is not enough manpower available, each participant is supposed to perform multiple duties and responsibilities or their role might change later during execution of the project. If that’s the case, it should be clearly mentioned in this part of the team charter.

  5. Introduction to Stakeholders:

    Stakeholders are the high level executives who are responsible for supervising the overall activities of a project. Sometimes the name of the client is also mentioned in this portion as one of the stakeholders but usually only the executive in the company or organization is mentioned here to whom the entire project team is answerable.

Team Charter Template 16

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Team Charter Template 17

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Team Charter Template 18

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Team Charter Template 19

Download “Team Charter Template 19” – Downloaded 73 times – 8 KB

Team Charter Templates For Creating Team

Team Charter Template 20

Download “Team Charter Template 20” – Downloaded 71 times – 15 KB


Team Charter Template 21

Download “Team Charter Template 21” – Downloaded 151 times – 29 KB

Team Charter Template 22

Download “Team Charter Template 22” – Downloaded 75 times – 29 KB

Team Charter Template 23

Download “Team Charter Template 23” – Downloaded 73 times – 67 KB

Team Charter Template 24

Download “Team Charter Template 24” – Downloaded 94 times – 74 KB

Team Charter Template 25


Download “Team Charter Template 25” – Downloaded 88 times – 31 KB


  1. Responsibilities In and Out of Scope:

    This part is a very important portion of the team charter because it includes clear instructions and guidelines for the team members regarding their duties, responsibilities and authorization within defined limits. It prevents the team members to step out of their jurisdiction or authorization and make a decision that they can’t authorize.

  2. Guidelines For Decision Making:

    One of the most common problems in project execution is the decision making process. If it’s not cleared and decided in the first place, it can create problems for the team members. In this part of the team charter, it’s decided how each decision will be made i.e. team members will take vote, voting will be anonymous or if the team leader has the authorization to make all decisions.

  3. Rules and Regulations:

    Although the responsibility of each team member is already discussed in the team charter but this part includes what is expected from each participant during and after the project execution. This part mostly focuses on behavior of the team members and how they interact with each other from seniority point of view.

  4. Duration of Team to Exist:

    If a team charter is created, it clearly indicates that this team is only created for a specific period of time and as soon the goals are met or the project is completed, the team will dissolve or it might be given a new task or project. The duration for which the team will exist is clearly mentioned in the team charter.

  5. Resolution of Conflicts:

    When multiple team members work together, there will be some problems, conflicts and disputes which should be dealt with immediately. How these problems and disputes are addressed is clearly written in the team charter.

  6. Distribution of Workload:

    This portion defines how the responsibilities will be distributed among the team members. Most of the time, it depends mainly on the team leader how he distributes the duties and responsibilities among the team members. If that’s not the case, there can be multiple supervisors within the team who can take responsibility to distribute the workload among team members.

  7. Communication Channels:

    The last but not the least part of a team charter is to define how communication will occur among the team and outside of the team. Not only that this part defines who is accountable to who and who is in charge of which team member but this part also defines who is responsible of talking with the client outside of the team and how frequently the team leader will update stakeholders and client on the progress of the project.

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