Sales Receipt Templates

A sales receipt is a type of receipt that is made, manually or electronically,  on the spot as a result of each sale by a company. The sale could be of the products or may be the company is providing services to the client. The details of the merchant is also in the receipt. The details of the transaction, such as, the number of items, their amount, quantity is present in the receipt.

The system of sales receipt has become very technologically advance. Such as, it is now possible that the touchscreen at some places helps the customer to email their receipt to themselves. It helps them to keep a record of the products they buy. They can recheck it when go back home. If any miscalculation is done, the customer can claim for corrections.

Sales receipt is very different from an invoice. In case of sales receipt, the client pays you the money immediately for the goods and services that they get from your company. You do not need to make a bill for the customer as they pay you full at the spot. If you go in to your local store and buy a T-Shirt. They give you a receipt as you are paying in full for the T-Shirt at the time of purchase. However, in case of an invoice, the customer has the leverage of paying the amount for the products and services later. But, the due date must not be cross the line. Otherwise, legal action is taken.

A sales receipt can be made by using QuickBooks. You have to go to the customers section and click the option ‘create sales receipt’ . Now the sales receipt appears on your screen that you can fill in. The guide for filling the receipt is as under.

How to fill in a Sales Receipt?

  1. First of all, you have to put the general details in the sales receipt. Such as, name, date, address information and contact data.
  2. The next most important thing is to add the order number to the sales receipt. You will need it for tax purposes and most importantly for your number of sales record.
  3. When you further go down the receipt you will have a table to fill in. The number of items, their description and quantity along with price per item is present. The total amount is also there in the last column.
  4. Now, you will add up the total amount by adding the total tax of all the products in it according to the rate in the state that you are living in.

This how you put together the sales receipt. It is important that you keep one copy of sales receipt with you for the purpose of keeping the track of the previous record. The other one, the original, you can give to the customer. It is important as you have to estimate your sales per year. Therefore, the copy of receipt is important to be present in the record.

Free Sales Receipt Templates

Here are previews and download links for these free Sales Receipt Templates.

Download “Sales Receipt Template 01” Sales-Receipt-Template-001.doc – Downloaded 83 times – 23 KB

Download “Sales Receipt Template 02” Sales-Receipt-Template-002.doc – Downloaded 98 times – 18 KB

Download “Sales Receipt Template 03” Sales-Receipt-Template-003.pdf – Downloaded 93 times – 66 KB

Download “Sales Receipt Template 04” Sales-Receipt-Template-004.doc – Downloaded 82 times – 30 KB

Download “Sales Receipt Template 05” Sales-Receipt-Template-005.pdf – Downloaded 86 times – 76 KB

Download “Sales Receipt Template 06” Sales-Receipt-Template-006.pdf – Downloaded 107 times – 370 KB

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