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Introduced professional and remarkable Sales Proposal Templates in various formats such as MS Word, Google docs, Powerpoint, and PDF Format.

A sales proposal works as a selling tool. The company handles this proposal to the client. Therefore, a seller has to find a prospective buyer to offer the products that they might need for their company. These processes are complex so let’s understand them.

How to write a Sales Proposal?

Well, there are many ways to write a sales proposal but the main thing for its success is to have the prospect to write it. It does not matter what the product is. For this purpose, you have to get answers to 4 questions first of all. These are:

  1. What product have you used in the past?
  2. How did you like them?
  3. What you are using now?
  4. Can you describe the perfect product that you want for your company?

These questions will help you get an exact idea of what the company is looking for. What they like and what they dislike. What their dream product would be. Why they moved away from the product they used in the past. what they are using today. After this, you ask them to go back to do your research and then come back with a sales proposal.

Free Sales Proposal Templates Word

These sales proposal templates are professionally designed and can be helpful for a user to make a perfect Business Proposal.



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Fillable Sales Proposal Template



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Sales Proposal Template Google Docs

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Software Sales Proposal Template

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Hotel Sales Proposal Template

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Sales Proposal Outline

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Sales Proposal Template 26

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Sales Proposal Sample PDF


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Download “Sales Proposal Template 33” – Downloaded 81 times – 94 KB

Download “Sales Proposal Template 34” – Downloaded 75 times – 368 KB

Here, we are sharing the components of a sales proposal for your guidance.

Structure of Sales Proposal Templates:

  1. Cover Letter: The sales proposal always starts off with a cover letter. It includes all about the business information that you have learnt. You have to tell that about their objectives that you understand. People love hearing about themselves. So, it is an important part.
  2. History: Share one page of the company history. It must not be more than one page. As people like to connect so if you add a little bit of history to tell them about interesting things.
  3. Recommendations: Share with them about how the problem will be solved. How the sales of products will help them go through their challenge successfully.
  4. Alternative solution: After recommendations, come up with this option. Tell them about the other solutions. People like to see multiple options to compare before they make final decision. It is , therefore, a very good option in this regard.
  5. Testimonials: The person’s name, date and their logo beside it must be there in the proposal. 6 or 7 in a proposal makes it look really persuasive and powerful.
  6. Commercial Offer: It includes the commercial details. Processing, fee structure etec must be mentioned in it.
  7. Terms and Conditions: After the commercial details comes the terms and conditions section. This is the halfway you reach in your proposal. Therefore, it’s not the end of it.It includes all the rules and regulations that they kust follow after the acceptance of the proposal.
  8. Client List: If you have an extensive client list. 4 to 5 pages of it would be excellent. You can use visuals of logos to give  a fantastic impression. Therefore, you can use multiple lists page after page. It will put a great look that you are busy and you are successful.
  9. Implementation Plan: Finally it is important to end the sales proposal with an implementation plan. In other words, what would happen post order, such as, implementation, installation, delivery etc. If you add this to the proposal then before delivery people will effectively make their mind. If you engage them in this discussion, it will help you not only in acceptance of the sales proposal but also smooth relations after that.

You can add these points in your proposal to make sure its success.

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