Sales Invoice Templates

A document that every sales agent or company offers to its customers is called sales invoice. This invoice actually belongs to a sales record for the stuff purchased from the shop from that sales invoice belongs. Moreover, when a layout for invoice is downloaded from the internet to add the sales details it is called Sales Invoice Template. You can use Sales Invoice Template in the form of paper as well as in electronic format. For paper format, you can take prints of these Sales Invoice Template and on the other hand for electronic format you can use them as it is and send them to your customers via email. Moreover, you will use Sales Invoice Template at the end of shopping by putting details of the purchased products. Further, there are two copies made for each Sales Invoice Template – one copy is for the customers while second one is for you – both copies are used for the purpose of keeping record.

In your Sales Invoice Template, along with details of the purchased products, shopkeepers also have to add the details regarding Value Added Tax, aka VAT. Value added tax is the tax charge made mandatory by the government, for the registers shop owners. Unregistered supplier cannot issue vat slips. So, you Sales Invoice Template should contain the details regarding customers’ identity and details of value added tax, price and names of the products purchased and lastly, a total paid amount. All of these three types of details would be entered at the front side of your Sales Invoice Template.

Now it’s time to ready backside of your Sales Invoice Template. So, on the other side of the template details regarding terms and condition of the shop will be written. It is necessary that you put all these details very carefully because these will save you for any further inconvenience regarding customers. Such as, here you will write; “items once purchased cannot be returned without a defect or how long a returning duration for a defective item is” such details on your Sales Invoice Template will make your customers careful before making any claim.

Free Sales Invoice Templates

Here is a list of free Sales Invoice Templates that can enable you to create and print your own Sales Invoices.

Invoice Template 01

Download link for this Invoice Template,

Download “Invoice Template 01” – Downloaded 109 times – 11 KB

Checkout another useful and free Invoice Template in MS Word format.

Invoice Template 02

Download this template from the link bellow:

Download “Invoice Template 02” – Downloaded 104 times – 17 KB

Yet another useful free Invoice Template in MS Word format.

Invoice Template 03

Download this template from the link bellow:

Download “Invoice Template 03” – Downloaded 120 times – 29 KB

Invoice Template 04

Download “Invoice Template 04” – Downloaded 118 times – 13 KB

Here is another useful Free Invoice Template in MS Excel format.


Download link for this Free Invoice Template.

Download “Invoice Template 05” – Downloaded 247 times – 15 KB

Invoice Template 06

Download “Invoice Template 06” – Downloaded 119 times – 31 KB

Invoice Template 07

Download “Invoice Template 07” – Downloaded 109 times – 127 KB

Invoice Template 08

Download “Invoice Template 08” – Downloaded 116 times – 12 KB

Invoice Template 09

Download “Invoice Template 09” – Downloaded 107 times – 20 KB

Invoice Template 10

Download “Invoice Template 10” – Downloaded 123 times – 33 KB

Invoice Template 11

Download “Invoice Template 11” – Downloaded 95 times – 44 KB


Moreover, as I mentioned above that a Sales Invoice Template is a legal document containing details of the sales made by your shop; so it is necessary that you keep this document safe at such a place where it is easily accessible and got no threat of being stolen or lost. This is because, if a customer claiming something comes to you with his/her receipt of the purchased items, you can tell the Sales Invoice Template copy of the customers with your stored copy, to verify the claim of the customers.

As a closing note; if you are still confused about the layout of your Sales Invoice Template and do not understand how to make one; I would suggest you to go online and download these Sales Invoice Templates for free. Different web portals offer free Sales Invoice Templates. After downloading, edit these Sales Invoice Template as per your requirements. You will not have edit the Sales Invoice Template again and again in fact make a copy of edited template, for each new customer.

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