Safety Plan Templates

Introduction to Safety Plan:

A safe office is a happy office and it’s not just a saying because when employees feel safe in a workplace, they can put their focus entirely on the work and activities rather than preventing an accident. There are specific rules from government that require all employers to implement a safety procedure in the workplace. Then there is the compliance regulations that you need to implement in your workplace in order to make sure that your employees are working in a safe and compliant environment. Sooner or later, there will be an incident which is bound to happen no matter how much you prepare for it but the important thing is to prepare yourself and your employees if it happens. For instance, an earthquake can occur anytime and you can’t stop or prevent it. But, you can train your employees how to stay focused, look for the nearest exit and get out of the building immediately. These are the details that are included in a workplace safety plan.

Key elements of a safety plan:

  • Evaluation of previous accidents
  • Details of improvements
  • Initial inspection of the workplace
  • Findings of initial inspection
  • Details of safety analysis survey
  • Recommendations of safety inspector
  • Crucial changes or improvements required

Guidelines to create a Safety Plan:

  1. Analyze past accidents:

    If you think about it, past has lot to teach you. Especially when we talk about workplace accidents and injuries involving employees and machine operators, it’s important to look at the past accidents and see what actually happened and how it could be prevented. This is a great start to an excellent workplace safety plan. This way when you do the inspection of your office or unit, you can see which improvements are already done and which areas still need upgrade.

  2. Conduct inspection and make improvements:

    Next step in preparing a safety plan is to physically inspect your workplace. This includes each and every part of the office. Office administrators often make mistake of only inspecting the key areas i.e. office cubicles, stairs, lift, parking and warehouse but it’s also important to inspect bathrooms, kitchen, record room, server room and the roof. Here you can easily inspect if lighting is enough or if there is a tile broken on the bathroom floor that can cause tripping and injury to an employee. If there is any improvement needed, it should be done immediately.

  3. Conduct a safety analysis:

    This is the most important part of preparing a safety plan because it is where you actually evaluate the safety and compliance of your workplace after all the necessary improvements are made. It’s possible that there are still some things unchanged which should be included in the final report. This analysis should be conducted by a professional safety inspector who understands safety and compliance regulations in a workplace.

  4. Put everything in writing:

    Once everything is done, it is time to put the findings and evaluations in writing. You need to prepare a detailed report of what you inspected, what changes were made, what the safety inspector found and what he recommended. This report should also put light on operating heavy and dangerous machines in the workplace and guidelines to operate the machines.

  5. Train your employees:

    A detailed safety report is useless if it’s going to sit on your table. If there are crucial changes required in the workplace, share the report with executives or top management with written recommendations and also share the report with the employees and workers and give them proper training on how to work in a safe environment. You can also guide them to notify the administrator immediately if there is a potential hazard in the workplace that can cause an accident or injury.

Free Safety Plan For Construction

During this epidemic situation, this particular construction safety plan can assist you quite easy to organize your construction environment plan.

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Download “Safety Plan Template 02” – Downloaded 27 times – 17 KB


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Farm Food Safety Plan Templates

Download “Safety Plan Template 05” – Downloaded 28 times – 53 KB


Download “Safety Plan Template 06” – Downloaded 27 times – 56 KB

Safety plan template for students

Here are some unique and remarkable templates regarding students’ safety plans during COVID -19. Therefore, we designed these simple and editable health safety plan for students and teachers.

Download “Safety Plan Template 07” – Downloaded 25 times – 10 KB

Download “Safety Plan Template 08” – Downloaded 24 times – 38 KB

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Fire Safety Plan Template


Download “Safety Plan Template 12” – Downloaded 23 times – 38 KB

Download “Safety Plan Template 13” – Downloaded 27 times – 21 KB

Download “Safety Plan Template 14” – Downloaded 27 times – 76 KB

Download “Safety Plan Template 15” – Downloaded 28 times – 135 KB

Download “Safety Plan Template 16” – Downloaded 23 times – 135 KB

Download “Safety Plan Template 17” – Downloaded 30 times – 18 KB


Patient Safety Plan Template

Download “Safety Plan Template 18” – Downloaded 25 times – 13 KB

Download “Safety Plan Template 19” – Downloaded 27 times – 12 KB

Download “Safety Plan Template 20” – Downloaded 23 times – 53 KB

Download “Safety Plan Template 21” – Downloaded 26 times – 56 KB

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