Project Funding Proposal Templates

A great and well-designed collection of Project Funding Proposal Templates available here in MS Word and PDF Format.

Fundraising is an important part of the planning process. It is very important that before start writing you read all the relevant documents. This will help in the successful completion of writing a funding project proposal. It has certain components that are essential for it outstanding. These are given below.

General Information:

First of all, you have to look out for all the important information. This might include:

  1. The priorities of funding.
  2. The time frame and the process of application.
  3. The total cost that the grant will cover.
  4. What kind of support is available?
  5. Who is eligible for funding?
  6. All the reporting requirements.
  7. Have documents and policies in place while submitting the application.

Make sure that you include the cost of reporting requirements in the project. After this, you can start the planning of project.

Project Planning:

Needs of Project:

In project planning the first thing is the need assessment. It is a proper system that is are required to be fulfilled in order to get most desired results. It helps in improving the quality of proposal and needs to achieve the desired results. There are a lot of ways that can help you fulfill your needs of project. For example: Forma  focus group of about 5 to 10 people and ask them about their needs. Use this information to form simple questionnaires and surveys to be filled out at public events.

Aims of Project:

The aim of the project involve all those changes that are needed. Aims have change word in them as: improve and increase, reduce, maintain and prevent. That means to improve and  increase participation in activities that reduce isolation to reduce truancy and school exclusions. The aims should not be descriptive. Therefore, you must avoid use of words that connotes description.


Free Project Funding Proposal Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Project Funding Proposal Templates.


Project Funding Proposal Template 01

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 01” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-01.doc – Downloaded 517 times – 1 MB



Project Funding Proposal Template 02

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 02” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-02.docx – Downloaded 261 times – 68 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 03

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 03” Project-Funding-Proposal-Templates-03.docx – Downloaded 300 times – 334 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 04

Download “Project Funding Proposal Templates 04” Project-Funding-Proposal-Templates-04.docx – Downloaded 183 times – 106 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 05

Download “Project Funding Proposal Templates 05” Project-Funding-Proposal-Templates-05.docx – Downloaded 227 times – 331 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 06

Download “Project Funding Proposal Templates 06” Project-Funding-Proposal-Templates-06.pdf – Downloaded 232 times – 351 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 07

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 07” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-07.pdf – Downloaded 163 times – 208 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 08

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 08” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-08.docx – Downloaded 168 times – 67 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 09

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 09” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-09.pdf – Downloaded 145 times – 208 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 10

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 10” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-10.pdf – Downloaded 134 times – 143 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 11

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 11” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-11.docx – Downloaded 139 times – 78 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 12

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 12” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-12.pdf – Downloaded 152 times – 106 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 13

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 13” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-13.docx – Downloaded 153 times – 24 KB


Project Funding Proposal Template 14

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 14” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-14.doc – Downloaded 127 times – 174 KB

Project Funding Proposal Template 15

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 15” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-15.pdf – Downloaded 114 times – 22 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 16

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 16” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-16.docx – Downloaded 144 times – 122 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 17

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 17” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-17.doc – Downloaded 132 times – 181 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 18

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 18” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-18.doc – Downloaded 138 times – 30 KB



Project Funding Proposal Template 19

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 19” – Downloaded 122 times – 66 KB




Project Funding Proposal Template 20

Download “Project Funding Proposal Template 20” Project-Funding-Proposal-Template-20.doc – Downloaded 128 times – 66 KB

Objects of Project:

Objectives include a set of activities that are already a part of plan. They are very narrow and precise. Therefore, through the objectives, you can fulfill your needs which are aims.


It is also essential to mention all the outputs and activities in your funding project proposal. It include the products or services that are intended to be provided at the end of the project.


After you get your objects and outputs in place, it is important to mention your outcomes as well. It tells the funding organization that what benefit they will get from your project and by funding it. Therefore, there must be some concrete outcomes that give massive solution to the problem in your funding project proposal.

The overall beneficiaries or the end users must be describe in complete detail. You must not omit the details of it at any cost because the reader may not be aware of the subject you are talking about. Therefore, there must be a proper description for their understanding in the funding project proposal.

In order to raise the profile of your project, you can add engagement activities that add new perspective to your work. So that, it helps you to develop valuable communication skills in your funding project proposal.



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