Product Price List Templates

Here are 21 Free Product Price List Templates in MS Word & Excel to help you print your own price list quickly.

A product price list is the price list that has all the products of a company or outlet with their prices on it. These prices include the manufacturing cost of the product, the commission of the seller, the shipment cost. In the end, the customer gets the product which is the cumulative result of all these charges.

It is very important to make a proper price list by careful evaluation of all the charges that the company or outlet might pay. Only the seller can generate revenue from the business. A guideline is given below for the beginners or the small business owners to make rational decisions in making their product price list.

Product Price List Guidelines

When deciding on the price of your products, while making the product price list, then there are 3 things you should always consider to come up with the proper exact amount that you deserve to receive in return.

  1. The first and foremost is the expense of your material. This includes all the materials that you bought to make the product. Such as leather, metal, recycled plastic or paper, etc.
  2. The second one is the labor that you hired for making the product. One should not forget to add the expenses and time that you and your teams had put in the creation of the product.
  3. The third and last one is profits. Profit is the amount that you want to receive for each item that you sell.

From these 3 things, you can decide the exact price for your products. In addition to this, it is always a good idea to compare price lists of similar products in market. It means that you should know what your competitors ask for similar products. In this way, you can decide whether you can increase or decrease your product price.

Free Product Price List Templates

Here are previews and download links for these 21 Free Product Price List Templates.


Product Price List Templates

Download “Product Price List Template 01” product-price-list-template-01.xls – Downloaded 227 times – 47 KB



product price list template 02

Download “Product Price List Template 02” product-price-list-template-02.doc – Downloaded 160 times – 214 KB


Product Price List Template Excel


product price list template 03

Download “Product Price List Template 03” product-price-list-template-03.xlsx – Downloaded 119 times – 25 KB

Product Price List Templates With Pictures


product price list template 04

Download “Product Price List Template 04” product-price-list-template-04.xlsx – Downloaded 141 times – 63 KB




product price list template 05

Download “Product Price List Template 05” product-price-list-template-05.xlsx – Downloaded 142 times – 202 KB



product price list template 06

Download “Product Price List Template 06” product-price-list-template-06.docx – Downloaded 113 times – 25 KB




product price list template 07

Download “Product Price List Template 07” product-price-list-template-07.docx – Downloaded 121 times – 16 KB




product price list template 08

Download “Product Price List Template 08” product-price-list-template-08.docx – Downloaded 417 times – 119 KB



product price list template 09

Download “Product Price List Template 09” – Downloaded 124 times – 9 KB




product price list template 10

Download “Product Price List Template 10” product-price-list-template-10.xls – Downloaded 121 times – 56 KB


More Tips To create a Product List Templates in MS Word and Excel

When a customer wants to buy a product, they will pay the total price as on their screen or the product price list of the company, outlet etc. It also includes the shipping cost if it is through online. After the payment, you will receive the total sum of all the expenses that the product took from manufacturing till reaching at your door.

Let us consider an example: For instance, the manufacturing price of one of your product to be $100. You keep a 15% commission on this that makes $15. Also, if you sell it through PayPal, then add $5 dollars of their commission. This make a total of $120. This is the price that the customer will see on the website or at the outlet of the company. In addition to this cost, the shipment cost is also added to the product price in the product price list.

From this total amount. The manufacturer will get $100. So, you will get this amount along with the shipment amount on your account. Therefore, when you are done deciding your selling price, you can make a product price list for your company, outlet, firm, institution etc.


Download “Product Price List Template 11” product-price-list-template-11.xlsx – Downloaded 104 times – 17 KB




Download “Product Price List Template 12” product-price-list-template-12.xls – Downloaded 115 times – 29 KB




Download “Product Price List Template 13” product-price-list-template-13.xlsx – Downloaded 122 times – 52 KB


Graphic Design Price List Template


Download “Product Price List Template 14” – Downloaded 179 times – 51 KB




Download “Product Price List Template 15” product-price-list-template-15.doc – Downloaded 109 times – 61 KB



Download “Product Price List Template 16” – Downloaded 129 times – 76 KB




Download “Product Price List Template 17” product-price-list-template-17.docx – Downloaded 112 times – 16 KB




Download “Product Price List Template 18” product-price-list-template-18.xlsx – Downloaded 119 times – 27 KB




Download “Product Price List Template 19” product-price-list-template-19.xls – Downloaded 125 times – 32 KB

Product Price List Template MS Word


Download “Product Price List Template 20” product-price-list-template-20.docx – Downloaded 149 times – 48 KB




Product Price List Template 21

Download “Product Price List Template 21” product-price-list-template-21.docx – Downloaded 98 times – 216 KB



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