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Available here Best Press Kit Templates that can be very helpful to create your  Press Kit in a minute. Download and prepare your Press Kit in a proper way.

A press kit which is also referred to as a media kit sometimes is a set of details and information about a company or a brand. Usually, organizations put a press kit on their website where it’s easier to excess by a general audience. In a typical press kit, the company’s history and overview, description of products and services, introduction to executive members, previous press releases, and important facts about the company are added. Usually, these elements change with each organization because a company wants to focus more on its products while another organization wants to put light on the core objectives and goals.

Difference Between Press Kit Templates and Media Kit Template:

Although people usually refer to press kit and media kit as the same thing, both are different, both have a different set of features and elements and both serve different purposes. For instance, a media kit is a long term marketing strategy while a press kit only occurs for a short period of time. A media kit is used to create brand awareness and attention to an established company while a press kit focuses on a current event i.e. product launch ceremony. A media kit is generally used for stakeholders, partners, executives and customers, and potential consumers while a press kit is mostly used for attracting new clients and customers towards the brand and company.

Best Press Kit Templates Free Download

Introduced here best Press Kit Template collections in various formats such as MS Word and PDF Format. Feel free to download them.


Press Kit Templates

Download “Press Kit Template 01” – Downloaded 16 times – 7 MB

Media Kit Template PSD

press kit template 02

Download “Press Kit Template 02” – Downloaded 13 times – 11 MB

Printable Press Kit Templates


press kit template 03

Download “Press Kit Template 03” – Downloaded 17 times – 41 KB

press kit template 04

Download “Press Kit Template 04” – Downloaded 10 times – 33 MB

Press Kit Examples

press kit template 05

Download “Press Kit Template 05” – Downloaded 17 times – 5 MB

Press Kit Templates MS Word

press kit template 06

Download “Press Kit Template 06” – Downloaded 17 times – 1 MB

press kit template 07

Download “Press Kit Template 07” – Downloaded 18 times – 854 KB


press kit template 08

Download “Press Kit Template 08” – Downloaded 13 times – 5 MB

DJ Press Kit Template

press kit template 09

Download “Press Kit Template 09” – Downloaded 10 times – 396 KB

press kit template 10

Download “Press Kit Template 10” – Downloaded 16 times – 481 KB

press kit template 11

Download “Press Kit Template 11” – Downloaded 18 times – 5 MB

press kit template 12

Download “Press Kit Template 12” – Downloaded 18 times – 9 MB

press kit template 13

Download “Press Kit Template 13” – Downloaded 16 times – 6 MB

press kit template 14

Download “Press Kit Template 14” – Downloaded 14 times – 2 MB


press kit template 15

Download “Press Kit Template 15” – Downloaded 12 times – 518 KB


press kit template 16

Download “Press Kit Template 16” – Downloaded 17 times – 5 MB

press kit template 17

Download “Press Kit Template 17” – Downloaded 16 times – 5 MB

press kit template 18

Download “Press Kit Template 18” – Downloaded 18 times – 13 MB

press kit template 19

Download “Press Kit Template 19” – Downloaded 17 times – 23 MB

press kit template 20

Download “Press Kit Template 20” – Downloaded 13 times – 114 KB

press kit template 21

Download “Press Kit Template 21” – Downloaded 17 times – 8 MB

press kit template 22

Download “Press Kit Template 22” – Downloaded 18 times – 5 MB

press kit template 23

Download “Press Kit Template 23” – Downloaded 14 times – 621 KB

press kit template 24

Download “Press Kit Template 24” – Downloaded 16 times – 16 MB

press kit template 25

Download “Press Kit Template 25” – Downloaded 12 times – 898 KB

press kit template 26

Download “Press Kit Template 26” – Downloaded 18 times – 7 MB

Key Elements Of a Press Kit Templates:

  1. Organization’s overview:
    This is a very important part of the press kit because it allows the readers and general audience to see what your company stands for, how it originated or came into existence, what core objectives and goals higher management has and where the company is going to be in the future. This part can also include a short history of the company including the origin, who started it, how the founders got the idea and how much time the organization has spent in the market.
  2. Important facts:
    This part is very similar to the company overview portion but unlike that, there are bullet points included rather than long paragraphs. You can add whatever you think is important for the audience to know about the company but the most important part is the description and details of products and services you offer, what makes you different from the competition in the market, and how you plan to satisfy customers and consumers.
  3. Biographies of executives:
    In any company or organization, there are executives and high-level management staff that are considered the brain of the organization. These are the people who change the direction of the company and implement new policies and make certain changes within the operations and functions of the company. It’s really important to put these faces on the front of the portfolio of the company i.e. a press kit. Media can read about the details of each executive i.e. education, experience, accomplishments, and their share in the success of the organization.
  4. Important press releases:
    A press release loses its value if it’s published after a certain time. This makes sense for marketing agencies because they know how important it is to break important news and facts to the media in a timely manner but it doesn’t mean you can’t add old press releases into the press kit. In fact, it’s a really good idea to find out the most recent press releases and select 2-3 of the most important press releases and add these to the press kit. This will show the audience a little about the previous achievements of your organization.
  5. Contact information:
    In any organization, it’s not like anyone can talk to the media or press but there is a professional and experienced spokesperson who is hired just for the sake of communicating with the media. While preparing the press kit, you need to give details of this person including full name, designation, authorization, and preferred contact source i.e. office phone number or email address.

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