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 Find and download here the best Free Policy Brief Templates that are prepared in MS Word. Thay can very convenient for the user to make their own  Policy Brief.

Introduction To a Policy Brief:

Being a high-level government servant or an executive in an organization means you have the authorization and power to make and implement policies but it also means that a great deal of future depends on what you decide and when you decide it. It’s important to do your work before selecting or implementing any policy because it can have serious influences if implemented with a mistake or error. Because these executives don’t have time to review entire policies and go through all of the available materials, they are given policy briefs which in a manner are an executive summary of the actual policy.

Key Elements Of a Policy Brief Templates :

  1. Title of the brief:
    Perhaps there is no need to explain this element as it’s pretty simple and easy to understand. When you are creating a policy brief, the document should be prepared with a well-thought title because this title is the first thing the reader will notice and it should be comprehensive and precise enough to give a quick idea of what to expect in the document.
  2. Executive summary:
    In any policy brief, the executive summary is a must-have portion. This is where you talk about the problem in discussion and the policy that somehow eliminates or solves the problem. Because it is an executive summary, it is kept short and precise. Mostly it doesn’t go more than 2 paragraphs while most people keep it to a single paragraph when the brief is being prepared by a very high-level executive or government official i.e. president or secretary. If you want to review a high-level executive summary click here.
  3. Problem scope:
    This part of the policy brief focuses on the problem rather than the policy itself. It starts with a general introduction and explanation of the problem at hand and after giving a short history of the problem, its importance and significance are discussed. The basic rule here is to convince the audience that it is in fact a serious problem and it should be dealt with immediately.
  4. Alternate options:
    Although a policy brief discusses a single policy and its implementation and effects for the brief itself, it’s important to discuss some of the alternatives as well. If a policy is under discussion, it’s highly possible that there are some other options as well i.e. similar policies. You need to describe why this specific policy is the most effective. The way you present the benefits of this policy and compare it with less effective policies is the key to the reader’s agreement.
  5. Recommendations:
    This is a fairly simple part of the policy brief as it includes personal recommendations from the author of the report. These suggestions or recommendations should be unbiased and the author shouldn’t have any influence on him from either side or any relevant policy.
  6. Appendices:
    As discussed above that a policy brief is kept short and precise but it’s also possible that you want to add some additional information for particular readers. This is done by adding that additional information in the appendices section so the general audience understands that this is relevant but not necessarily vital information.
  7. Authentic sources:
    A policy brief has more influence than you can imagine and that’s the reason it’s important to add the confirmed sources of information that is added in the brief itself.


Free Best Policy Brief Templates

Here is a remarkable list of Policy Brief Templates in various forms with previews and zip file in a download button. So feel free to download them and make your professional policy brief in a better way.

Policy Brief Templates

Download “Policy Brief Template 01” policy-brief-template-01.zip – Downloaded 17 times – 30 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 02” policy-brief-template-02.zip – Downloaded 21 times – 145 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 03” policy-brief-template-03.zip – Downloaded 17 times – 30 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 04” policy-brief-template-04.zip – Downloaded 16 times – 252 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 05” policy-brief-template-05.zip – Downloaded 13 times – 9 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 06” policy-brief-template-06.zip – Downloaded 16 times – 28 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 07” policy-brief-template-07.zip – Downloaded 15 times – 77 KB

This template Source By: templatelab.com

Download “Policy Brief Template 08” policy-brief-template-08.zip – Downloaded 14 times – 80 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 09” policy-brief-template-09.zip – Downloaded 16 times – 43 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 10” policy-brief-template-10.zip – Downloaded 17 times – 151 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 11” policy-brief-template-11.zip – Downloaded 17 times – 762 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 12” policy-brief-template-12.zip – Downloaded 16 times – 64 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 13” policy-brief-template-13.zip – Downloaded 15 times – 677 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 14” policy-brief-template-14.zip – Downloaded 16 times – 30 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 15” policy-brief-template-15.zip – Downloaded 14 times – 712 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 16” policy-brief-template-16.zip – Downloaded 15 times – 38 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 17” policy-brief-template-17.zip – Downloaded 16 times – 34 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 18” policy-brief-template-18.zip – Downloaded 15 times – 399 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 19” policy-brief-template-19.zip – Downloaded 12 times – 64 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 20” policy-brief-template-20.zip – Downloaded 14 times – 438 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 21” policy-brief-template-21.zip – Downloaded 15 times – 63 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 22” policy-brief-template-22.zip – Downloaded 15 times – 97 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 23” policy-brief-template-23.zip – Downloaded 14 times – 1 MB


Download “Policy Brief Template 24” policy-brief-template-24.zip – Downloaded 13 times – 16 KB


Download “Policy Brief Template 25” policy-brief-template-25.zip – Downloaded 17 times – 43 KB


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