Phone Call Log Templates

Call Logging defines that your telephone system has a collection of data record after every phone call. These telephone call records contain information about each call. Call Log is the sheet or document which contains all the important record of outgoing calls and incoming calls type and other type of calls such as internal calls. The Importance of Call Log is to have a full record of recently outgoing and incoming calls. Call record contain the important information about the calling party, called party, the length of time the other person answer the call, the number that was dialed, the caller ID of calling and called person. There is also a record of other information such as telephone line which is used to carry the call.

Here you can find some important benefits of using Call Log. It sees the valuable data about each agent number of the incoming and outgoing calls. It provides you greater security. There is an option of blocking available in your Call Log through which you can block the unwanted calls or some specific numbers if the log is digital. Here you can find information about importance of Call Log. It also balances the staff levels in high volume call times. You can also take help from the third party contact center or support service which helps you to fill the weakness in your schedule.

In Call Logging, a business can check how long it takes them to answer the call and how long they spend on the phone call. This option of preparing logs will help your company to get your employees updated. The communication between a call center manager and a customer is very important. The manager has to communicate clearly to maintain phone etiquette, treat the customer with respect, maintain a pleasant tone throughout the conversation with your customer, and also provide answers to all customer queries. Here you can find informative data about importance of Call Log. The only way management will be able to check whether an agent has done all this is by recording the call and listening to it.

Call recording software is the software which is able to record all the calls of an agent, and the manager will be able to pick one call and monitor it later any time. Such things also enhance the professionalism and reliability of the employees. This will force the agent to be consistently professional in all the calls. If you want to know about Call Logging, it’s necessary to first understand the importance of Call Log.  Recording of calls will also enable the managers to resolve customer complaints in a timely manner.

The data or the information which is collected from the recorded calls can be used to provide effective sales training to the call managers. For example, during an interaction with the customer, if the customer is in a good mood, he / she will talk about a lot of things. You can collect informative data from your customer. The data can be used to improve sales. Such discussions will also be helpful to enhance the sales and change / upgrade your Call Log format. Recorded calls can be later utilized for employee or new agent training by the company manager.

Free Phone Call Log Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Phone Call Log Templates.

Download “Phone Call Log Template 01” Phone-Call-Log-Template-01.doc – Downloaded 384 times – 32 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 02” Phone-Call-Log-Template-02.xls – Downloaded 154 times – 25 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 03” Phone-Call-Log-Template-03.doc – Downloaded 184 times – 257 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 04” Phone-Call-Log-Template-04.doc – Downloaded 116 times – 51 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 05” Phone-Call-Log-Template-05.xls – Downloaded 113 times – 135 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 06” Phone-Call-Log-Template-06.pdf – Downloaded 194 times – 40 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 07” Phone-Call-Log-Template-07.doc – Downloaded 146 times – 132 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 08” Phone-Call-Log-Template-08.docx – Downloaded 120 times – 20 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 09” Phone-Call-Log-Template-09.pdf – Downloaded 133 times – 72 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 10” Phone-Call-Log-Template-10.docx – Downloaded 126 times – 151 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 11” Phone-Call-Log-Template-11.docx – Downloaded 180 times – 8 KB




Download “Phone Call Log Template 12” Phone-Call-Log-Template-12.docx – Downloaded 245 times – 111 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 13” Phone-Call-Log-Template-13.doc – Downloaded 218 times – 37 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 14” Phone-Call-Log-Template-14.docx – Downloaded 119 times – 8 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 15” Phone-Call-Log-Template-15.pdf – Downloaded 120 times – 66 KB



Download “Phone Call Log Template 16” Phone-Call-Log-Template-16.docx – Downloaded 105 times – 723 KB




Download “Phone Call Log Template 17” Phone-Call-Log-Template-17.docx – Downloaded 103 times – 58 KB




Download “Phone Call Log Template 18” Phone-Call-Log-Template-18.docx – Downloaded 113 times – 49 KB

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