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Introduced here a wonderful collection of Free Best Media Kit Templates that can be very convenient for you to make your own Media Kit in a minute.

Companies and organizations are getting smarter these days and they understand how important it is to create brand awareness in a highly competitive market where each competitor is trying to offer better products at affordable prices. A media kit can be a very helpful tool for your organization to create and enhance brand awareness. It can also increase your credibility and reputation in the market. A media kit is a set of elements that are used to showcase how a company works and what goals it has for the future and what achievements it had in the past. What you include in a media kit highly depends on your organization but there are some common elements that almost each media kit includes.

Key Elements of Media Kit Templates:

1. Media contact information:
Although it requires additional budget and resources companies and organizations understand how important it is to have a media representative authorized to make news and notifications about the company. This is the key person in any company who should be in direct contact with media persons i.e. news reporters and anchors and television show hosts. Their information needs to be included in the media kit. Here you need to add the approved source of contact i.e. email address or office phone number. This way media persons will know exactly who to contact if they want to confirm news or story about the company.
2. Recent and important press releases:
In order to better understand what’s happening within the company in the recent past, you should include recent stories i.e. press releases and other important events in the media kit. A better approach is to not add more than 3 press releases from the latest quarter.  It can include anything from the launch of a new product to hiring a high profile executive to open a new branch of the office to implementation of go-green initiatives within the company to reduce carbon footprint.
3. Owner’s background:
This portion of the media kit is becoming more and more crucial these days. When journalists interview an important executive within the company, they also want to take their picture and if it’s not available, they need to contact the media representative and ask for the picture. By providing both high quality and low-quality images in the media kit along with the introduction of each partner and executive, you can make this whole process easy for the journalists as they can excess these pictures and details quickly from the media kit.

Media Kit Templates For Bloggers

By using these Media Kit Templates you can make your personal or official Media kit easily in a minute. Following all these Media Kits are perfectly designed in MS Word, PDF, and PowerPoint.


Media kit templates

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Media kit template 02

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Media kit template 03

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Media Kit Examples



Media kit template 04


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Media kit template 05


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Media kit template 06


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Media Kit Template Powerpoint


Media kit template 07


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Media kit template 08

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Social Media Kit Template


Media kit template 09

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Magazine Media Kit Templates

Media kit template 10

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Media kit template 11

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Media kit template 12

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Media kit template 13

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Media kit template 14

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Advertising Media Kit Templates

Media kit template 15

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Media kit template 16

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Media kit template 17

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Media kit template 18

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Media kit template 19

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Media kit template 20

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Photographer Media Kit Templates


Media kit template 21

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Media kit template 22

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Media Kit Template PowerPoint

Media kit template 23

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Media kit template 24

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Media kit template 25

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More Tips To create Media Kit Templates

4. Company history:
How a company started and how it took off from the beginning has a lot to say about the future of the company. Take the example of Apple and its beginning as a corporation and you soon realize that when Steve Jobs started this company in his garage, he didn’t know what this company is going to become in the future. So,  this story tells us how small a huge corporation can be in the starting and how important it is to have a unique idea over unlimited resources to start a company. The media kit of your organization must include a portion where you discuss the history and beginning of the company.
5. Company objectives:
Company objectives and goals are important not only for employees and shareholders but for media persons as well. These are the goals that can make or break an organization these days. Journalists try to find and cover stories about the organizations that are contributing to the betterment of our planet by reducing wastage, going green, and taking part in volunteer work and charity events. The media kit should include a portion where you discuss where the company is going and where the executives see it after 3 or 5 years.
6. Company logo and photos:
You might think that customers and journalists are only interested in your products and services but they also take interest in how your employees work in the office and what environment they have. Along with that, the company logos and trademarks are also important to be displayed frequently because it is a vital step to create brand awareness. Your media kit should include photos of the company logo and pictures of office space, employees, conference rooms, and office buildings.
7. Additional elements:
By going through the above elements, you should have a pretty good idea about what should be included in a media kit. Additionally, there can be anything from an annual budget report to profit figures from the last quarter to reviews of a new product to a survey conducted in the market about a new product. These are the additional details that should become part of your media kit.

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