Marriage Certificate Templates

A Marriage Certificate is the official document that shows two persons are getting married and starting new life. It is simply a municipal registration of a marriage issued by Government. In many countries like United State it is evidence of marriage ceremony. Simply, it is the acquiescence of marriage to take place and to endorse document that marriage is performed. Marriage Certificate has many reasons such as, for evidence of marriage as well as, legitimacy of child, during divorce period, and many other social issues etc. Format of this kind of document is different in diverse countries like, America, Australia, England, and many more.

In United State it is an official document for changing the name of a specific party. In other words it is not a proof that, party has change their name, rather then, it’s just to take permission from supervision officials. On July 1837, England and Wale introduce some kind of certificates like, marriage, birth, death etc. Certificate can be issued by civil registrar from record-keeping office. Two copies are necessary, one retained by registrar office and other is sent to the Superintendent Registrar for registration.

Basic and personal information is listed in that form like full name, date, and ages of both bride and groom .Marriage cannot be perform if the bride or groom is minor. In 1850 mostly law changed and it state the age of bride should be 12_20 and age of groom should be 14_20 years or above. Contrasting, other countries England and Wale also show the terms of previously marriage and their record to maintain ace. The previously married male cannot be called as ‘’bachelor’’ and female cannot be a ‘’spinster’’. The word single is just for male and females that are not married before.

Marriage Certificate Guidelines

Following steps are necessary in a Marriage Certificate From

  • Full Name of Bride, should be mentioned in that form that’s why jurisdiction can recognize the exact person weather it is male or female.
  • Full Name of Groom is also quite imported.
  • Date of marriage should mention on it hence, in case of separation duration of marriage can determine easily.
  • Discourse and Martial Status like (Widow /widower, unconnected, never legitimacy married) date of birth is very important.
  • National Identity Cards of bride and groom is necessary so that in case of any situation like minor can be determine easily and it show that specific person is able to marry.
  • Parents Names and their identity cards is also very compulsory and in other case if bride and groom haven’t mother or father or anyone of them he can attach the copy of identity card of guardians on it.
  • Witness Names are very important and normally, two witness are enough for this from but in other countries pattern is different so, they can follow their own pattern.
  • Stamp of Civil Registrar is one of the major part of this form without this marriage certificate form is incomplete and is not valid for registration process. According to the law this type of marriage is not lawful. Persistence behindhand this form is to ensure Government officials that marriage is take place bestowing to the requirements of law and supervision of court.

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