Maintenance Log Templates

A key part of any maintenance program is the proper documentation of the completed work. This thing can reduce the number of expensive repairs, accountability, make warranty claims easier, increase operator safety and enhance the visibility of individual asset health. Maintenance of your value assets is very important so that the performance becomes better at regular intervals. You can also keep your assets in a presentable condition by maintaining them on timely basis. The Maintenance Log serves is a legal document in the event of an incident to prove the functioning of equipment. You should keep it in mind that recording of various parameters of machinery helps in identifying a trend.

When you have a series of task and you have to complete this task within specific deadline. Thus your employees are responsible for maintaining and importance of Maintenance Log. The main purpose of making a Maintenance Log is to keep the track of all the work accurately. In this log you should add who did the task, when the task was done, and so on. This log is more important for the companies who pay per hour basis. You can say that Maintenance Log is much more than an attendance log including more details that that. The Maintenance Log helps you in the case of collapses, damages and repairs to be settled. These types of logs help you to maintain the internal and external scam of your set program. The Maintenance Log is typically outlined in the agreement with the organizations and these organizations give benefits on contract premise.

You can make a Maintenance Log by following these steps. Firstly you can design your program knowing that the maintenance task is near and make the resources ready for maintenance. Then write the cost of maintenance in the Maintenance Log. You can find many websites which offer different categories for different Maintenance Log program. You can say that Maintenance Log is that records who did what, when and why. This log is useful for troubleshooting recurring as they provide a record of all work performed on the system.

The important things that should be added in Maintenance Log include firstly the name of the piece of equipment then in the other column you can add labels. In the next column there is a serial number of the product. You can also mention manufacturer’s contact person name, title and contact details. The main thing to mention is the date of purchase and the date of putting into service. You can also use Maintenance Log software for scheduling and documenting equipment maintenance. Set the frequency for each task. Here we can take the example of vehicle Maintenance Log. In the section of field in vehicle Maintenance Log we can write vehicle, year, date, oil change, wheel alignment, tires changed, air filter, wiper blades, brake service, belts, radiator flush, transmission maintenance, spark plugs and battery. This makes it easier to keep the track of all important information about your vehicle which also includes oil changes, wheel alignment.


Free Maintenance Log Templates

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