LLC Agreement Templates

If you want to create a limited liability company, you can easily make an LLC Agreement to tell others about your organizations’ terms, conditions and responsibilities. This is basically, a written record of all the policies of your company that can be outlined. You can use an LLC Agreement if you are ready to form LLC and you want to describe the terms of business. Other names of LLC Agreement are limited liability Company operating agreement, LLC operations, or setup agreement.

LLC Agreement Guidelines

After setting-up a small business, the next step will be implementing of LLC Setup. Nonetheless, what would be the next step? The rules for every country are different consequently as LLC has got the flexibility. The best way to really hammer out the LLC and the way LLC will easily run is to have LLC Operation Arrangement. Here are some tips henceforth, your exclusive trade can run the way you need. The purpose of LLC Agreement is to sale auto parts, allotting bagels, or consulting with other companies. You can even mention basic information like, where your LLC is located and what is the cell number as well.

The role of LLC Agreement is to allow yourself to define the work of each member for the benefit of your business. There must be the day- to- day duties of employees also. For instance: one manager do half work and put 20% on seed money. You can write it down in your note-book and determine, how mush share a person will own from your business. There would be no accounting duties if there is single manager.

LLC Agreement – Key Elements

If you talk about LLC Accounting, you will note-down, who is dealing with the books of accounts. This is the person who is responsible that the profit is distributed equally. This will also acknowledge that when your fiscal year starts and when will end. If you want to do some regular accounting work then, there must be step by-step interview to keep a check and balance on all activities. Some LLC Agreements will deep dive into the books of accounts but other takes one year for auditing of your accounts. It’s up-to-you that what is your decision about books of account?

It’s the matter of discussion that how you can withdraw and hire a member. There isn’t required the shareholders decisions when to withdraw or approve a person, quitting a member is one thing which can be mentioned in LLC Operating Agreement. You can judge a person is receiving good amount and the amount that he is receiving is according to his work. Basically, it depends on you and your other members of the company. Rather than to bear tax as a corporation, if a person is Operating LLC individually, then he will bear tax as an individual.

Free LLC Agreement Templates

There are many provisions of LLC Agreement like, name of LLC and there should be mentioned the address of registrar office and standard business office.  The statement of intent is that the agreement is according to the LLC laws of your country, once the official document is filed then, a business can run smoothly according to the laws. The nature of business that you are starting should be mentioned. Conditions and all the procedures for dissolving the LLC should be set firstly. Bottom-line is that LLC Agreement is very effective to run your business smoothly.

Here are several free LLC Agreement Templates & Samples to assist you in drafting your own LLC agreement.


Download “LLC Agreement Template 01” LLC-Agreement-Template-001.pdf – Downloaded 144 times – 111 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 02” LLC-Agreement-Template-02-.pdf – Downloaded 137 times – 31 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 03” LLC-Agreement-Template-03.docx – Downloaded 109 times – 19 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 04” LLC-Agreement-Template-04-.pdf – Downloaded 122 times – 169 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 05” LLC-Agreement-Template-05-.pdf – Downloaded 105 times – 71 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 06” LLC-Agreement-Template-06-.docx – Downloaded 105 times – 24 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 07” LLC-Agreement-Template-07-.pdf – Downloaded 102 times – 52 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 08” LLC-Agreement-Template-08-.pdf – Downloaded 105 times – 52 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 09” llc-operating-agreement-template-09.doc – Downloaded 100 times – 94 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 10” LLC-Agreement-Template-10.pdf – Downloaded 110 times – 254 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 11” LLC-Agreement-Template-11.rtf – Downloaded 126 times – 121 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 12” LLC-Agreement-Template-12.doc – Downloaded 86 times – 94 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 13” LLC-Agreement-Template-13-1.docx – Downloaded 97 times – 18 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 14” LLC-Agreement-Template-14.pdf – Downloaded 115 times – 121 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 15” LLC-Agreement-Template-15.pdf – Downloaded 106 times – 251 KB




Download “LLC Agreement Template 16” LLC-Agreement-Template-16.pdf – Downloaded 92 times – 105 KB




Download “LLC Agreement Template 17” LLC-Agreement-Template-17.doc – Downloaded 92 times – 85 KB




Download “LLC Agreement Template 18” LLC-Agreement-Template-18.docx – Downloaded 102 times – 30 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 19” LLC-Agreement-Template-19.doc – Downloaded 123 times – 95 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 20” LLC-Agreement-Template-20.docx – Downloaded 98 times – 22 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 21” LLC-Agreement-Template-21.doc – Downloaded 104 times – 52 KB




Download “LLC Agreement Template 22” LLC-Agreement-Template-22.docx – Downloaded 93 times – 27 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 23” LLC-Agreement-Template-23.doc – Downloaded 95 times – 42 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 24” LLC-Agreement-Template-24.pdf – Downloaded 154 times – 50 KB




Download “LLC Agreement Template 25” LLC-Agreement-Template-25.docx – Downloaded 112 times – 61 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 26” – Downloaded 119 times – 16 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 27” LLC-Agreement-Template-27.doc – Downloaded 122 times – 85 KB





Download “LLC Agreement Template 28” LLC-Agreement-Template-28.doc – Downloaded 98 times – 230 KB




Download “LLC Agreement Template 29” LLC-Agreement-Template-29.pdf – Downloaded 85 times – 66 KB




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