Kanban Cards Templates

Introduction to kanban cards:

Kanban system originated in Japan almost 60 years ago and at that time, it was an innovative system to help Toyota improve their production and bring efficiency and effectiveness into the manufacturing process. So many years have passed but this system as proved its reliability and these days, there is almost no industry or organization that can’t implement kanban card system for improved and enhanced workflow and manufacturing. If we define kanban card system in simple words; it’s a process of creating a separate kanban card for each assignment and putting it on the kanban board. This card then moves from to-do section of the board via in-progress section and arrives at the last section of completion when finished.

Fundamentals of effective kanban system:

  • Customer needs to withdraw products or items in the exact manner specified by the kanban system
  • Manufacturer needs to produce goods in the exact sequence and quantity specified by the kanban system
  • Without kanban system, not a single item is moved downstream
  • With each item when moving downstream or upstream, a kanban card should be attached
  • Defective goods and excessive quantities are never sent downstream
  • In order to reveal problems and decrease inventory, number of kanban cards is lowered gradually

Modern trends of kanban cards:

  1. Envision the workflow:
    In order to understand and get the full potential of kanban system, first you need to visualize the workflow or production process already implemented in your company. Basic rule here is that when you see the assignment or order, total number of orders, duration to complete each assignment, customer or client who placed the order and procedure of completion of each order, it’s easier for you to see which areas can be improved and where more or less manpower should be applied. Because kanban cards are always put on kanban board, each team member can see these cards and understand progress of each assignment from morning to evening.
  2. Keep WIP at minimum:
    It is a common understand that when it comes to production or manufacturing, keeping the work in progress to the minimum is the key to success. The manufacturing units that are in leading positions around the world have implemented this idea to keeping minimum assignments in progress at any given moment. Not only that this helps team members focus on fewer assignments and work towards successful completion of each assignment but when applied within kanban system, it helps managing the kanban board and that benefits the team members to quickly see each ongoing assignment.
  3. Manage workflow:
    Because each part of a process is written on the kanban board, this system helps team members and supervisors troubleshoot delays and hurdles quickly and manage their work around these problems to keep production steady and ongoing. Delay is never a good thing especially when we talk about production and manufacturing where each step depends on the completion of the previous task and if there is a delay, entire production line stops.
  4. Make understandable policies:
    Entire production or manufacturing system when working with kanban system is supervised by the team members and this helps them understand the crucial information about the process and each part of the production line. Not only that they can evaluate different parts of the production line and give suggestions but by looking at the kanban board every day, they can better understand how things should run and how to manage delays if there is any problem.
  5. Feedback implementation:
    Kanban system was developed decades ago and it’s still one of the best and most useful production systems in the world just because it allows small changes. If there is no room for improvement in any system, sooner or later it’s bound to fail but that’s not the case with kanban system. This is why when this system is implemented, all team members gather in front of the kanban board each morning and discuss how yesterday went and if there is anything they want to suggest or change.
  6. Coordinate for improvement:
    As discussed above that kanban system appreciates small changes and amendments, with the help of this system, it’s easy to implement a small change and check for improvements. Testing of multiple solutions is also possible with kanban card system.

Kanban Cards Template 01

Download “Kanban Cards Template 01” Kanban-Cards-Template-01.zip – Downloaded 17 times – 2 MB

Kanban Cards Template 02

Download “Kanban Cards Template 02” Kanban-Cards-Template-02.zip – Downloaded 19 times – 382 KB

Kanban Cards Template 03

Download “Kanban Cards Template 03” Kanban-Cards-Template-03.zip – Downloaded 17 times – 805 KB

Kanban Cards Template 04

Download “Kanban Cards Template 04” Kanban-Cards-Template-03.zip – Downloaded 19 times – 805 KB

Kanban Cards Template 05

Download “Kanban Cards Template 05” Kanban-Cards-Template-05.zip – Downloaded 20 times – 1 MB

Kanban Cards Template 06

Download “Kanban Cards Template 06” Kanban-Cards-Template-06.zip – Downloaded 19 times – 299 KB

Kanban Cards Template 07

Download “Kanban Cards Template 07” Kanban-Cards-Template-06.zip – Downloaded 17 times – 299 KB

Kanban Cards Template 08

Download “Kanban Cards Template 08” Kanban-Cards-Template-08.zip – Downloaded 16 times – 57 KB

Kanban Cards Template 09

Download “Kanban Cards Template 09” Kanban-Cards-Template-09.zip – Downloaded 15 times – 95 KB

Download “Kanban Cards Template 10” Kanban-Cards-Template-10.zip – Downloaded 19 times – 6 KB

Kanban Cards Template 11

Download “Kanban Cards Template 11” Kanban-Cards-Template-11.zip – Downloaded 18 times – 8 KB

Kanban Cards Template 12

Download “Kanban Cards Template 12” Kanban-Cards-Template-12.zip – Downloaded 15 times – 31 KB

Kanban Cards Template 13

Download “Kanban Cards Template 13” Kanban-Cards-Template-13.zip – Downloaded 18 times – 45 KB

Kanban Cards Template 14

Download “Kanban Cards Template 14” Kanban-Cards-Template-14.zip – Downloaded 15 times – 5 KB

Kanban Cards Template 15

Download “Kanban Cards Template 15” Kanban-Cards-Template-15.zip – Downloaded 16 times – 86 KB

Kanban Cards Template 16

Download “Kanban Cards Template 16” Kanban-Cards-Template-16.zip – Downloaded 20 times – 87 KB

Kanban Cards Template 17

Download “Kanban Cards Template 17” Kanban-Cards-Template-17.zip – Downloaded 19 times – 8 KB

Kanban Cards Template 18

Download “Kanban Cards Template 18” Kanban-Cards-Template-18.zip – Downloaded 16 times – 48 KB

Kanban Cards Template 19

Download “Kanban Cards Template 19” Kanban-Cards-Template-19.zip – Downloaded 20 times – 3 MB

Kanban Cards Template 20

Download “Kanban Cards Template 20” Kanban-Cards-Template-20.zip – Downloaded 19 times – 36 KB

Kanban Cards Template 21

Download “Kanban Cards Template 21” Kanban-Cards-Template-21.zip – Downloaded 19 times – 147 KB

Kanban Cards Template 22

Download “Kanban Cards Template 22” Kanban-Cards-Template-22.zip – Downloaded 17 times – 126 KB

Kanban Cards Template 23

Download “Kanban Cards Template 23” Kanban-Cards-Template-23.zip – Downloaded 23 times – 3 MB

Kanban Cards Template 24

Download “Kanban Cards Template 24” Kanban-Cards-Template-24.zip – Downloaded 15 times – 57 KB

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