Investment Proposal Templates

The main and key thing is to have a good quality investment proposal is to add proper details in it. It is not necessary that there is a great story necessarily with in the plan. Often times, there is just 20% growth in the business. However, the important thing is that how the business is working right now. Another key is to find out the weaknesses in the business. Also, to put specific things in place to assess. All of this evaluation are very important for the investment proposal success. It is the quality of the business plan that also plays a key role.

Your business plan must show the investor that how you will be able to make money and how much exactly. It is said that 99% of the plans are rejected by the investors. So, if you are looking for the funding or investment for your business then there are three main things that the investors look for in a winning investment proposal are:

Executive Summary: 

This is the first thing that the investors look for in your business plan. They do not have the time to read the 30 or 40 page document. Therefore, they just see the first 3 to 4 pages of your plan that explains that what exactly you want to do in your business. If they do not understand or like it then your business plan is going to go straight into the garbage bin. There is a term in the industry, that is, ‘grandmother test’. It means that you have to make your business plan so easy that even your grandmother understands it. You have to keep in mind that the investor does not understand your business as well as you do.

Therefore, the executive summary of the investment proposal must be easy enough for anybody to understand it. Use easy language, avoid acronyms or abbreviations and business terminologies. You can also ask your friends or family to read it before sending the investor to see if they understand about the exact opportunity you are offering or not. So, in other words, when you pass the grandmother test, you are ready to send investment proposal to your investor.

Management Team: 

The next thing the investor will look in your investment proposal is the management team. For investor, the main idea is important but the management team who is going to execute the idea is much more important. You have to present a team that can actually execute the exact used and deliver results. You need to have an experienced team for that purpose obviously. Most of the investment proposals are rejected because of the lack of startup experience of the management team. So, you have to show off all the work you have done in the past , all the wins that you have and all the momentum that you have made so far in your business.


The investor wants to see that the number of your finances makes sense. They want to see if you can make money or not. There is no need to make extra projections of your financials. This can also lead to rejection. Always make rational estimation of how much you can derive from your business.

These are the 3 things that the investor will look at. After this, they will flip to the next level and ask you to come for the meeting.

Free Investment Proposal Templates

Here are several free Investment Proposal Templates  & Samples to assist you in drafting your own Investment Proposal.

Download “Investment Proposal Template 01” Investment-Proposal-Template-01.docx – Downloaded 190 times – 15 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 02” Investment-Proposal-Template-02.docx – Downloaded 193 times – 16 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 03” Investment-Proposal-Template-03.docx – Downloaded 206 times – 452 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 04” Investment-Proposal-Template-04.docx – Downloaded 215 times – 28 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 05” Investment-Proposal-Template-05.docx – Downloaded 127 times – 46 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 06” Investment-Proposal-Template-06.docx – Downloaded 175 times – 18 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 07” Investment-Proposal-Template-07.docx – Downloaded 121 times – 45 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 08” Investment-Proposal-Template-08.docx – Downloaded 144 times – 26 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 09” Investment-Proposal-Template-09.docx – Downloaded 133 times – 29 KB




Download “Investment Proposal Template 10” Investment-Proposal-Template-10.docx – Downloaded 130 times – 37 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 11” Investment-Proposal-Template-11.docx – Downloaded 138 times – 14 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 12” Investment-Proposal-Template-12.docx – Downloaded 94 times – 25 KB




Download “Investment Proposal Template 13” Investment-Proposal-Template-13.docx – Downloaded 158 times – 381 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 14” Investment-Proposal-Template-14.docx – Downloaded 118 times – 13 KB




Download “Investment Proposal Template 15” Investment-Proposal-Template-15.docx – Downloaded 126 times – 288 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 16” Investment-Proposal-Template-16.docx – Downloaded 115 times – 33 KB




Download “Investment Proposal Template 17” Investment-Proposal-Template-17.docx – Downloaded 283 times – 379 KB





Download “Investment Proposal Template 18” Investment-Proposal-Template-18.docx – Downloaded 127 times – 32 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 19” Investment-Proposal-Template-19.docx – Downloaded 143 times – 38 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 20” Investment-Proposal-Template-20.docx – Downloaded 126 times – 15 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 21” Investment-Proposal-Template-21.docx – Downloaded 116 times – 123 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 22” Investment-Proposal-Template-22.docx – Downloaded 119 times – 44 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 23” Investment-Proposal-Template-23.docx – Downloaded 122 times – 16 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 24” Investment-Proposal-Template-24.docx – Downloaded 122 times – 19 KB



Download “Investment Proposal Template 25” Investment-Proposal-Template-25.docx – Downloaded 113 times – 21 KB



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