Graduation Party Invitation Templates

Your triumphant graduate has finally reached this incredible milestone of his life after spending countless hours being immersed in books and enduring a never ending amount of assignments and exams. As this is such a momentous occasion for your son/daughter, you’ll want to celebrate the occasion and appeal for the presence of your and the guest of honor’s friends and family members by sending out memorable Graduation Invitations.

A Graduation Invitation provides all the necessary details regarding the ceremony as well as any special achievements or accomplishments worth noting. Though while all the Standard Invitations feature these essential details, the manner in which this information is mentioned varies generally depending on the event. For example, if you want to host a cultured sit down dinner following the graduation ceremony, you need to use formal language in Graduation Invitation.

The achievement of your hard-working son or daughter making it to the graduation is worth shouting out from the rooftops. With this excitement, you may get tempted to invite everyone you know to the graduation party. But you need to be selective about your guests considering your budget, financial condition and the space in which the party will be held.

 Printable Graduation Party Invitation Templates

Many universities and high schools also host a graduation ceremony on behalf of all the parents of the graduates. Parents too can feel a lack of guidance and knowledge when it comes to a graduation ceremony and the etiquette involved in it. There are many hypothetically prickly issues to confront ranging from a limited number of seat availability at the ceremony to teenagers who will be more interested in keg parties by your kids. School administrators do provide some information and may help with the ceremony, and you might remember some details from your own graduation, but it is better to consult other parents with similar experience and other experts before finalizing any detail or taking any big step.

Keep your Graduation Invitation formal or casual as per the setting and theme of the party. Use the wordings on the invitation accordingly. Do not forget to mention the necessary details of the party in your excitement. These include the date of the event, time of the event, the location of the event or the full address of the venue with street name and the name of a nearby landmark. It should also include the name of the host, name of the guest of honor and any special achievement of him/her worth mentioning or putting down on the card. Also, mention the theme of the party and dress code (if any) though a themed party and a dress code are generally avoided in a graduation ceremony.

At last, provide a RSVP option along with the Graduation Invitation. For this, either enclose a response card or provide the contact number of the host of the ceremony. This makes it easier for the guests to let you know whether they will be able to attend the event or not and so you can make all the arrangements accordingly after final headcount.

Free Graduation Party Invitation Templates 2020

Here are previews and download links for these Graduation Party Invitation Templates.

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