Graduation Certificate Templates

A Graduation Certificate is a formal document needed in every phase of life. It has a great value both in terms of image as well as education. Be it job, business or even marriage, Graduation Certificate comes into picture either directly or indirectly. Since, graduation adds another feather in your cap. It is no more a school level thing, so the graduation certificate must be designed carefully. There are no restrictions on the design and format of the certificate but still universities and institutes follow a certain trend. Below are certain design trends that can be useful in preparing Graduation Certificate.

Graduation Certificate Guidelines

The institute offering the Graduation Certificate is totally responsible for the authenticity of it. Thus, your reputation is of utmost importance. Thus, ensure that you design the Graduation Certificate in such a manner that it cannot be imitated at any cost. Every institute must have a differentiating factor which is unique and is the trademark of your institute. Once you ensure these factors, nobody can question your genuineness. Before finalizing the design and format, it is better to draft the certificate in rough because it is an important paper and any kind of error can leave a bad impression. Hence, the drafted paper can be compared with other certificates and must be cross-verified by senior authority.

Graduation Certificate Format

To begin with, choose a format. A rectangular shape in landscape format is usually preferred made from a thick good quality sheet or paper. A matte finish looks more elegant and subtle but you can choose glossy look as well.  The top centre space must be occupied by the name of the institute in block letters. A logo can also be placed beneath this. Ensure that you don’t go for cost-cutting here. The Graduation Certificate must be printed with colored ink.

Mention the name of the student in bold and the entire description with good quality black ink. Ensure that the description about the degree or the course does not exceed 2-3 lines. Any significant rank, position etc can also be mentioned along with the description and can be highlighted. The date when the certificate is issued must be mentioned on either the top left or top right space of the Graduation Certificate.

Lastly, there must be three signatures – director of the institute, dean of the institute and the head of the exam board. Do not print anything on the back side of the paper. The Graduation Certificate does not contain marks, final CGPA, grades or any other score. It just mentions the degree and the specialization of your graduation. Remember not to mention any special achievement, awards or scholarships. For this purpose, different certificate called as achievement certificate is issued.

Free Graduation Certificate Templates

The Graduation Certificate is widely used during interviews, at the time of joining etc. Hence, it must be kept safe and better to get 10 photo copies. This advice is given from the student’s point of view. For institutes, the soft copy can be saved in the system for alumni records.

Graduation Certificate Template 01

Here is its download link,

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 01” Graduation-Certificate-Template-01.docx – Downloaded 238 times – 649 KB

Graduation Certificate Template 02

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 02” Graduation-Certificate-Template-02.docx – Downloaded 209 times – 182 KB

Graduation Certificate Template 03

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 03” Graduation-Certificate-Template-03.docx – Downloaded 312 times – 400 KB

Graduation Certificate Template 04

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 04” Graduation-Certificate-Template-04.docx – Downloaded 203 times – 1 MB

Graduation Certificate Template 05

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 05” Graduation-Certificate-Template-05.docx – Downloaded 140 times – 2 MB

Graduation Certificate Template 06

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 06” Graduation-Certificate-Template-06.docx – Downloaded 279 times – 179 KB

Graduation Certificate Template 07

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 07” Graduation-Certificate-Template-07.docx – Downloaded 92 times – 1 MB

Graduation Certificate Template 08

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 08” Graduation-Certificate-Template-08.docx – Downloaded 119 times – 72 KB


Graduation Certificate Template 09

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 09” Graduation-Certificate-Template-09.docx – Downloaded 195 times – 235 KB

Graduation Certificate Template 10

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 10” Graduation-Certificate-Template-10.docx – Downloaded 112 times – 71 KB

Graduation Certificate Template 11

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 11” Graduation-Certificate-Template-11.docx – Downloaded 204 times – 84 KB

Graduation Certificate Template 12

Download “Graduation Certificate Template 12” Graduation-Certificate-Template-12.docx – Downloaded 226 times – 617 KB





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