Fitness Log Templates

Find and create your perfect Fitness Log Templates or workout plan in MS Word. Life is precious and we must value it. It depends on the individual, the way he wishes to live his life. But it is said that there is no gain without pain.

You have to be healthy and keep yourself fit. It is not that easy to do this on regular basis. Thus, a Fitness Log can help you do the same. A Fitness Log is a simple table like format where the type of exercise, number of reps, squats, duration etc are filled in. You can also mention the starting day and the date along with your body weight, measurement of chest, waist, thigh, biceps etc.

A Fitness Log must necessarily contain the date, exercise and the duration. It is better to put swoosh against each one of those you complete and proceed. Swoosh makes the data putting easier. It is important to maintain a Fitness Log as it can give exact details of your workout. Thus, you know what you have to do, how much you have to do and what is the progress.

Benefit of Fitness Log Templates

Some people exercise just for the sake of reducing body weight. They tend to be casual and do not keep a track of what they have been doing. No doubt that they might become fit but there is no information of what they were doing and what was the duration to achieve a particular fitness goal. It is always better to be systematic and follow a daily routine. Things done randomly might give short term results but long term outcomes are rarely seen in such cases.

You can easily show the Fitness Log to your gym trainer or any doctor. Since there is a proper record, it is easy for them to glance at the same. Along with this, the food and diet can also be mentioned. This is important especially for aged people.

The Fitness Log can be maintained in a diary or even on digital media like Excel sheet in laptop or even in mobile phones. The benefit of doing so is that you can set alarm or alert tone to give a reminder about the time. The Fitness Log must not only be maintained by fitness freak or people who go to gym. Rather, by any individual of any age who is concerned about his own fitness and may consult a doctor or trainer for regular check-up.

A proper maintenance of your daily routine showcases your systematic and orderly behavior. A Fitness Log is easy to maintain and all you need to do is to check-list the items on regular basis. It is always better if you know the progress of your workout. Measure your body weight, waist etc once a month (probably the starting date); also get check-up done once in a month (BP, sugar, cholesterol, etc).


Free Fitness Log Templates

These logs help in maintaining a constant number (required) as per your age. Exercising does not mean you have to go on reducing fats rather to maintain the ideal figure required to remain fit and healthy. Thus, it is never too late to begin with a small thing that can make a difference. Realize the importance of your life and stay healthy.

Here are previews and download links for these Fitness Log Templates.

Fitness Log Template 01

Download “Fitness Log Template 01” Fitness-Log-Template-01.xlsx – Downloaded 249 times – 17 KB



Fitness Log Template 02

Download “Fitness Log Template 02” Fitness-Log-Template-02.pdf – Downloaded 168 times – 306 KB



Fitness Log Template 03

Download “Fitness Log Template 03” Fitness-Log-Template-03.pdf – Downloaded 276 times – 82 KB



Fitness Log Template 04

Download “Fitness Log Template 04” Fitness-Log-Template-04.xlsx – Downloaded 203 times – 29 KB



Fitness Log Template 05

Download “Fitness Log Template 05” Fitness-Log-Template-05-1.docx – Downloaded 494 times – 997 KB



Fitness Log Template 06

Download “Fitness Log Template 06” Fitness-Log-Template-06.pdf – Downloaded 168 times – 46 KB



Fitness Log Template 07

Download “Fitness Log Template 07” Fitness-Log-Template-07.pdf – Downloaded 153 times – 164 KB



Fitness Log Templates

Download “Fitness Log Template 08” Fitness-Log-Template-08.xls – Downloaded 117 times – 205 KB



Fitness Log Template 09

Download “Fitness Log Template 09” Fitness-Log-Template-09.xlsx – Downloaded 139 times – 23 KB



Fitness Log Template 10

Download “Fitness Log Template 10” Fitness-Log-Template-10.xlsx – Downloaded 134 times – 33 KB



Fitness Log Template 11

Download “Fitness Log Template 11” Fitness-Log-Template-11.pdf – Downloaded 191 times – 96 KB



Fitness Log Template 12

Download “Fitness Log Template 12” Fitness-Log-Template-12.pdf – Downloaded 165 times – 32 KB



Fitness Log Template 13

Download “Fitness Log Template 13” Fitness-Log-Template-13.docx – Downloaded 192 times – 12 KB



Fitness Log Template 14

Download “Fitness Log Template 14” Fitness-Log-Template-14.doc – Downloaded 161 times – 37 KB



Fitness Log Template 15

Download “Fitness Log Template 15” Fitness-Log-Template-15.pdf – Downloaded 150 times – 112 KB



Fitness Log Template 16

Download “Fitness Log Template 16” Fitness-Log-Template-16.pdf – Downloaded 151 times – 14 KB



Fitness Log Template 17

Download “Fitness Log Template 17” Fitness-Log-Template-17.xlsx – Downloaded 162 times – 29 KB



Fitness Log Template 18

Download “Fitness Log Template 18” Fitness-Log-Template-18.pdf – Downloaded 128 times – 147 KB




Fitness Log Template 19

Download “Fitness Log Template 19” Fitness-Log-Template-19.xlsx – Downloaded 125 times – 81 KB



Fitness Log Template 20

Download “Fitness Log Template 20” Fitness-Log-Template-20.docx – Downloaded 142 times – 7 KB




Fitness Log Template 21

Download “Fitness Log Template 21” Fitness-Log-Template-21.doc – Downloaded 155 times – 54 KB





Fitness Log Template 22

Download “Fitness Log Template 22” Fitness-Log-Template-22.docx – Downloaded 141 times – 26 KB




Fitness Log Template 23

Download “Fitness Log Template 23” Fitness-Log-Template-23.pdf – Downloaded 155 times – 287 KB



Fitness Log Template 24

Download “Fitness Log Template 24” Fitness-Log-Template-24.pdf – Downloaded 197 times – 78 KB





Fitness Log Template 25

Download “Fitness Log Template 25” Fitness-Log-Template-25.xlsx – Downloaded 126 times – 12 KB





Fitness Log Template 26

Download “Fitness Log Template 26” Fitness-Log-Template-26.xlsx – Downloaded 137 times – 14 KB





Fitness Log Template 27

Download “Fitness Log Template 27” Fitness-Log-Template-27.docx – Downloaded 124 times – 317 KB




Fitness Log Template 28

Download “Fitness Log Template 28” Fitness-Log-Template-28.docx – Downloaded 124 times – 34 KB




Fitness Log Template 29

Download “Fitness Log Template 29” Fitness-Log-Template-29.docx – Downloaded 112 times – 147 KB





Fitness Log Template 30

Download “Fitness Log Template 30” Fitness-Log-Template-30.docx – Downloaded 102 times – 116 KB

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