Farewell Party Invitation Templates

Available here 21 best Farewell Party Invitation Templates in Word as well as their guidelines. By using these you can make your party invitation in an impressive style.

You meet so many people in the journey of your life like while transferring from one office to another, leaving one job and approaching another and at the time of flying from a community where you lived for years. It means on the voyage of life, you keep meeting and leaving folks. But it’s never easy to say Goodbye, nevertheless, sometimes it becomes necessary to leave the place and people you were with.

Sometimes, you do it for a better future and to avail of superior opportunities. Nonetheless, leaving a place doesn’t mean tearing it out of your heart. No matter what, you keep on remembering the time that you spent with different people and even people will also recall you nostalgically.

Further, it is said that people don’t remember what you said but what you did for them hence, in order to give good recollections to the folks you stayed with, it is advisable for you to leave them in a way that would keep yourself awaken in the different trances of their time. Throw a party and tell everyone how precious the time, you spent with them, was. Although, you, maybe, aren’t happy with the goodbye but a person who can smile at the time of sadness is considered the bravest.

Farewell Party Invitation Guidelines

Believing on that, farewell parties became the notion of the time and whenever, someone has to say goodbye to pals, he/she gives party to recall the days spent together. Besides this, hitting a party was considered just an official event but I guess it is more like emotional. Because, even when you are in a working relationship, by spending too much time with peeps, you get attached with them. Hence, I guess farewell parties are emotive-celebrations than the official ones.

To call a party, first thing you require is a Farewell Party Invitation. Party Invitation Brochures can be designed by a person by using simple MS word software or else can be gotten from the internet.

Moreover, it is not necessary that you give a party and offer Farewell Party Invitation to only your office colleagues, in fact, it can be conducted for friends when you are leaving a place for longer time, or for your hostel mates with whom you stayed for too long or for your teachers, and even for a boyfriend to whom you want to show that you are happy and still can survive without. LOL.

Free Farewell Party Invitation Templates

So, if you are interested to have such a party, then explore our Farewell Party Invitation Templates. Download only those Farewell Party Invitations which are free and can be availed with editing and customized options. Customize your Farewell Party Invitation; add the tagline according to your feeling and edit pictures.

Furthermore, these Farewell Party Invitation should match the taste of the party for example, if the Farewell is for colleagues then its layout should be more like business and on the other hand, if it is for the friends, then Farewell Party Invitation can be less formal and more funny or nostalgic such as you can put a picture of yours with your pals at the top of your Farewell Party Invitation.

No matter what kind of party you are going to conduct, a Farewell Party Invitation card is necessary to invite the guests.

Free Farewell Party Invitation Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Farewell Party Invitation Templates.


Farewell Party Invitation Template 01


Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 01” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-01-1.pdf – Downloaded 97 times – 212 KB



Farewell Party Invitation Template 02



Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 02” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-02.pdf – Downloaded 74 times – 84 KB



Farewell Party Invitation Template 03


Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 03” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-03.pdf – Downloaded 83 times – 638 KB





Farewell Party Invitation Template 04

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 04” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-04.pdf – Downloaded 88 times – 443 KB

Farewell Party Invitation Template 05

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 05” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Templates-05.pdf – Downloaded 67 times – 30 KB




Farewell Party Invitation Template 06

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 06” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-06.docx – Downloaded 74 times – 103 KB



Farewell Party Invitation Template 07


Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 07” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-07.pdf – Downloaded 76 times – 37 KB




Farewell Party Invitation Template 08


Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 08” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-08.docx – Downloaded 83 times – 150 KB




Farewell Party Invitation Template 09


Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 09” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-09.pdf – Downloaded 70 times – 325 KB




Farewell Party Invitation Template 10

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 10” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-10.docx – Downloaded 80 times – 262 KB




Farewell Party Invitation Template 11

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 11” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-11.pdf – Downloaded 73 times – 109 KB




Farewell Party Invitation Template 12

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 12” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-12.pdf – Downloaded 84 times – 635 KB



Farewell Party Invitation Template 13

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 13” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-13.pdf – Downloaded 83 times – 2 MB



Farewell Party Invitation Template 14

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 14” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-14.pdf – Downloaded 73 times – 526 KB



Farewell Party Invitation Template 15

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 15” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-15.zip – Downloaded 88 times – 286 KB



Farewell Party Invitation Template 16

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 16” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-16.pdf – Downloaded 84 times – 1 MB



Farewell Party Invitation Template 17

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 17” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-17.docx – Downloaded 78 times – 1 MB



Farewell Party Invitation Template 18

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 18” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-18.pdf – Downloaded 77 times – 2 MB



Farewell Party Invitation Template 19

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 19” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-19.pdf – Downloaded 64 times – 252 KB




Farewell Party Invitation Template 20

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 20” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-20.pdf – Downloaded 114 times – 463 KB




Farewell Party Invitation Template 21

Download “Farewell Party Invitation Template 21” Farewell-Party-Invitation-Template-21.pdf – Downloaded 81 times – 911 KB



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