Family Budget Templates

Family Budget usually consists of a span of 30 days, as family maintainers usually Moms and dads, get their salaries once in a month. People plan their spending of the whole 30 days at the beginning of each month, so that, they could get money for all the necessary expenses of a month. Family Budget is actually the spending plan of a family for a limited duration of time, it doesn’t just help you to maintain your expenses but also make savings during each month that you can use under any misshaped conditions or while planning for a family vacation at the end of each year.

People when live single and alone usually have limited expenses which can be managed without any quote anyhow, while starting a family, it is necessary to keep a check over expenses you made. So, the best way to do so is, developing a Family Budget.

Family Budget – Step by Step:

Here are some steps which you can utilize in order to prepare your budget efficiently and in a problem-free way:

First of all, determine the size of the amount that you get every month. Then, you will have to see how many members of the family you have. Because, the expenses, you are going to hold in your Family Budget are those which will be shared by them. Afterward, go and check for the basket goods you need every month at your house as per the collective need of the family: it is called fixed expenses. Basket goods are those goods which are required in a family for sure and cutting down these goods isn’t possible. You will also have to keep a sum to pay utility bills, such as gas, electric, water and phone bill etc.

After that, you will have to check for the expenses i.e. individually required by each member of the family and quote them into your Family Budget. Such as, pocket money of the children, clothing and shoes expenses for each member of the family, health expenses, vet bills and personal care items. When you are done with quoting these expenses in to your Family Budget here comes the next step.

The next step is, add details for the extra expenses in your Family Budget. These extra expenses will only be fulfilled, if and only if you get a remaining sum after fulfilling your fixed and variable expenses. These expenses can include, purchasing the movie tickets for the family, dining out on weekends, purchasing lotteries, sending gifts to your acquaintances and purchasing newspapers or magazines etc.

Using Family Budget Templates

You can cut the expenses in your Family Budget by cutting down the extra spending but fixed expenses usually remain the same. There are some further occasional expense for your Family Budget such as; seasonal shopping, extra usage of bear and coffee in winters or using ice creams in summers. These expense can vary from one season to another.

In the end, I will advise you that you keep a space in your Family Budget for saving.  Savings are necessary for everyone because, this is an extra amount which you can use in unexpected or unfortunate conditions.

Free Family Budget Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Family Budget Templates.


Download “Family Budget Template 01” Family-Budget-Template-01.xlsx – Downloaded 127 times – 34 KB



Download “Family Budget Template 02” Family-Budget-Template-02.xlsx – Downloaded 115 times – 14 KB



Download “Family Budget Template 03” Family-Budget-Template-03.xls – Downloaded 106 times – 36 KB



Download “Family Budget Template 04” Family-Budget-Template-04.xlsx – Downloaded 114 times – 17 KB



Download “Family Budget Template 05” Family-Budget-Template-05.xlsx – Downloaded 102 times – 24 KB



Download “Family Budget Template 06” Family-Budget-Template-06.xls – Downloaded 114 times – 32 KB



Download “Family Budget Template 07” Family-Budget-Template-07.xlsx – Downloaded 95 times – 25 KB



Download “Family Budget Template 08” Family-Budget-Template-08.xlsx – Downloaded 110 times – 11 KB



Download “Family Budget Template 09” Family-Budget-Template-09.xlsx – Downloaded 106 times – 24 KB



Download “Family Budget Template 10” Family-Budget-Template-10.xlsx – Downloaded 96 times – 10 KB

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