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A Business Plan is very important when the business is in the starting stage. Especially in the initial stages, a lot of emphases have to be laid on the nuances. The most important part of this phase is the funding. Businesses require huge investments and for that, you have to approach the investors or the venture capitalists.

This step must be done smartly so that they get convinced and offer funds. For doing this, you must prepare an executive summary of your business plan. The plan can extend up to 2-3 pages but not more than that. Here you can find certain guidelines that can help you in preparing an effective Executive Summary for Business Plan. The summary is used by investors or other clients whenever a deal is to be made.

A business plan captures everything about the objective, goals, clients, products, services, etc. It is not a cakewalk to prepare this. If any employee is assigned this task, he may include everything and sum it up in 20-25 pages. This approach is very easy. But an effective Executive Summary for Business Plan is the one that includes all the key information in brief.

Executive Summary Writing Tips

To draft this, you must start by introducing your company. Do not unnecessarily praise your business rather keep it to-the-point. You can write about company management here. Do not forget to include the market opportunities. Here you can include the reason of entering a new business. Next, mention the main products and services of your business. Ensure that you describe the product line clearly. After this, you must include the objectives of the business. Here, you can also include the short term as well as long term goals of the company.

Next comes the description of the market. In short, you have to mention the market analysis done prior to business planning. After this, comes the most important point, i.e. your differentiating factor. Wisely describe the trademark of your business and why people will prefer you instead of your rivals or competitors. Writing your Executive Summary can be a fun activity if you are going to take it seriously.

Free Executive Summary Templates

Once you are done with the external as well as the internal analysis, you must lay down your timeline. Business runs on accurate estimation and for that, you must analyze the timeline carefully. This mainly includes the growth potential.

 Executive Summary Templates

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Executive Summary Template 03

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Executive Summary Template 05

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Executive Summary Format

Lastly, you have to mention the most important thing which is the funding part. Do not directly mention the requirements rather try to indirectly convey your message. You can also mention the financial projection of your company. The Executive Summary for Business Plan must meet the basic requirements that are necessary to attract investors. Finally, conclude it by stating the bottom line.

If you follow the above-mentioned guidelines, you can easily prepare an Executive Summary for Business Plan that will definitely convince the venture capitalists. Ensure that you prepare the summary in your laptop or any other electronic gadget because if you have a soft copy of the same, you can easily edit it and forward it whenever required. Further, you will always have a copy saved for future reference.

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