Event Budget Templates

Before planning any event, deciding for the Event Budget is most crucial because by doing so, you are able to judge and understand how much money you have to consume and then, you make your event strategies accordingly. Event Budget is actually the amount of money which you are ready to spend while conducting any event. The circular of budget revolves around the type of event you want to conduct, how it will be conducted and how expenses will went for different transactions. So, Event Budget offers you a track of your overall spending for an event.

Moreover, taking decision for Event Budget is the first step: why, because when you will know the amount that you are going to spend, then and only then you can promote the concepts regarding the occasion. And, although, different events require different gears but some of the integrals for any event are; venue expenses (when you are renting it), catering (such as food you want to offer to the guests), basic light arrangements and sitting arrangements, (this usually be the responsibility of the venue manager but I am mentioning it separately because this will dependent on the amount of rent you are paying to him/her). But here question arises how to build a budget.

Planning Event Budget

Start with developing a raw Event Budget. Raw event budget means, it still needs adjustments as per the expenses occurring on the way of event management unless it becomes final budget. It is necessary because, when it is a seminar with limited number of participants then an Event Budget with lesser amount would be enough but if you see 10 to twenty extra guests being invited, you will have to adjust their expenses in your budget. Moreover, when you are conducting a party that require lights, embellishments and heavy decorations with lots of people joining in, the amount decided for event budget will increase accordingly.

These adjustments for the expenses doesn’t require you to increase the amount allocated for your Event Budget in fact, you will have to make cuts in the expenses of something from the event and put them in any other theme. So, basically, raw budget doesn’t mean increasing the amount of the budget, it only means adjustment of the expenses, until it became the final budget.

Event Budget Tips

Here are some tips by using which you can cut the expenses and make the Event Budget lighter for your pocket. Although; lights, decorations and sounds are integral for any event but their expenses are huge. So, to cut the expenses, you may go for a sound system provider and light man who offer their services in lesser amount.

Furthermore, if your event is related to some field that require marketing, then it is advisable for you that you go for cheaper market ways, not cheap in the nature but expenses. Such as using promotion flyer templates and them displaying them on the social media walls. These flyers can be download free from the internet. So you will not be paying a single penny from your Event Budget in this respect.

All with this, keep a keen eye over every dollar of your Event Budget like where it is going and how it can be saved. Asked for the guests to confirm their arrival and then give order to the caterer for food. In this way, not a single plate of food will be wasted and you will not be bearing extra expenses for guests who didn’t arrive.

Free Event Budget Templates

Any how, if you feel problem in deciding for the Event Budget expenses and their adjustment, then go for the option of hiring an event planning team. Following free budget templates can also assist you in preparing your own budget easily.

Event Budget Template 01

Download this Event Budget Template in MS Excel Format.

Download “Event Budget Template 01” Event-Budget-Template-01.zip – Downloaded 105 times – 39 KB

Yet another good looking Holiday Budget Template that can easily be used as Event Budget Planner to assist you. So, here comes the preview of this Holiday Budget Template.


Here is download link for this wonderful Budget Template in MS Excel format.

Download “Event Budget Template 02” Event-Budget-Template-02.zip – Downloaded 96 times – 24 KB

Checkout this Wedding Budget Template in MS Excel format to assist you plan your event budget quickly and effectively.


Download “Event Budget Template 03” Event-Budget-Template-03.zip – Downloaded 88 times – 174 KB



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