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Budget can be defined as a fiscal-plan of any country, for a specific period of time i.e. generally one year. The budget is compiled and readied by a treasury team, controlled by Chancellor of the Exchequer, who also presents the budget in front of the parliament on Budget Day. A budget summary includes funds for all the departments of the state such as Education, Health, Energy and Defense etc.

The amount allocated for the departments in the budget is offered to each department, once the whole cabinet approves it. And in this way, the capital invested in the field of education is called Education Budget. It is granted to the United States Department of Education i.e. abbreviated as ED or DoED.

Planning Education Budget in USA

Before moving on to the details and latest amendments by President Trump on Education Budget; let me explain how the US Department of Education works.

US Department of Education doesn’t relate with the building of educational institutes because in USA it is not considered as the responsibility of Department of Education. Mainly, ED Focuses on, educational planning such as making policies, offering federal aid to the different departments of educations such as minority institutes, special education institutes, primary and secondary education institutes, keeping a check over US educational institutes such if they are working properly and the regulation of laws concerning confidentiality and constitutional rights. ED is also responsible for collecting facts and figures regarding the school inside US and using the Education Budget.

Furthermore, the US department of education has gone through several amendments since its establishment in 1857, like sometimes it was demoted to a single office. Anyhow, in 1979 department of education was established under cabinet level in the administration of President Carter. During this era the department started getting a national status and Carter proposed a $12 billion Education Budget. Later in the era of George W. Bush the department of education prospered even more by focusing on elementary education and secondary education with $46 to $60 Billion Education Budget.

Education Budget and History

Above I have mentioned some blinks from the history now let’s move towards the latest headlines regarding Education Budget proposed by the most controversial president of America Donald J. Trump. In the proposed budget, the cabinet of trump has cut the whole expenses down. Not just the education budget but even all the non-military expenses have cut down as well. So this time from $13.5 billion to $9.2 billion. The details for the current budget are as follows:

  • This time $2.4 billion grants that are allotted for Teachers-Training will be eliminates.
  • $ 1.2 billion funds allotted for summer school programs will also be diminished.
  • 20 departmental programs are also removed.
  • 6 million dollars fixed for low income graduates will be demised down.
  • Around $ 200 million cuts into expenses of federal Trio programs.

Anyhow some Educational institutes have got the edge in the proposed budget by the Cabinet of Trump, such as it includes the continues-success for the disable students by allowing a 13 billion aid for IDEA Programs and $492 million grant is allocated for blacks and other minorities in America.

Free Education Budget Templates

So if we talk as a whole, Education Budget has got some trailing narration but if we see, the message from trump is straight i.e. the priority trump’s program is that he doesn’t want federal aid to be a part of school choices anymore.

Here is preview of our first Education Budget Template in MS Excel format.


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Here is a College Budget Planner to help you prepare your own MS Excel Budget Sheet quickly.

Education Budget Template 02

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Download this Education Budget Template 03 in MS Excel format.

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