Donation Receipt Templates

If you are not a charity, you cannot issue a charitable donation receipt. It is not a simple matter to become a charity. You have to do a lot of documentation and you have to get the approval of the government agencies for it. It has now become a longer process than in the past.

So, you can issue donation receipt to anybody who gives you anything. But you cannot tell people that they are allowed to deduct the tax, if they are not a charity. Therefore, the term charitable donation is only in use of the charity organizations.

You can issue donation receipts for anything, such as, somebody gives you money etc. You can surely give them receipt but that does not guarantee you about the deductions that are possible. So, you have to be very careful that people do not get wrong impression.

A receipt is a receipt, but a charitable donation receipt has actually a number on it that the government issue. Only in this case the deductions are possible. So, it is very important to stay careful.

Do only charities issue Donation Receipts?

Charity is a specific thing that is a creation of an agency. It comes under the societies act. You have to take permission for recognition of your agency. For this purpose, you can issue donation receipt of which people can then deduct from their personal tax returns.

If you do not have the charity number or the donation receipt, then you can issue the receipt of money that people give you. But, do not give them the impression that they can deduct this amount. The deduction can only be possible if the donation receipt has a number.

Issuing a receipt and giving people the impression that it is a charitable donation receipt is a complete fraud. Obviously, no want wants to commit fraud. When you take a look to do your own personal income tax return, then watch out for those organizations that issue you receipt that says not for income tax purposes.

This means that the money you have given them is not a tax deduction. They are more or less upfront about it. So, if you are not running a charity organization, don’t be issuing donation receipts and explaining people what they can deduct money on the return.

Free Donation Receipt Templates

Here are previews and download links for these free Donation Receipt Templates.

donation receipt template 01

Download “Donation Receipt Template 01” donation-receipt-template-01.pdf – Downloaded 48 times – 95 KB



donation receipt template 02

Download “Donation Receipt Template 02” donation-receipt-template-02.pdf – Downloaded 49 times – 38 KB



donation receipt template 03

Download “Donation Receipt Template 03” donation-receipt-template-03.doc – Downloaded 54 times – 50 KB



donation receipt template 04

Download “Donation Receipt Template 04” donation-receipt-template-04.docx – Downloaded 47 times – 41 KB



donation receipt template 05

Download “Donation Receipt Template 05” donation-receipt-template-05.docx – Downloaded 45 times – 15 KB



donation receipt template 06

Download “Donation Receipt Template 06” donation-receipt-template-06.xls – Downloaded 58 times – 33 KB



donation receipt template 07

Download “Donation Receipt Template 07” donation-receipt-template-07.doc – Downloaded 51 times – 116 KB



donation receipt template 08

Download “Donation Receipt Template 08” donation-receipt-template-08.docx – Downloaded 52 times – 27 KB



donation receipt template 09

Download “Donation Receipt Template 09” donation-receipt-template-09.docx – Downloaded 48 times – 29 KB





donation receipt template 10

Download “Donation Receipt Template 10” donation-receipt-template-10.docx – Downloaded 43 times – 27 KB





Download “Donation Receipt Template 11” Donation-Receipt-Template-11.docx – Downloaded 49 times – 28 KB




donation receipt template 12

Download “Donation Receipt Template 12” donation-receipt-template-12.pdf – Downloaded 46 times – 96 KB



donation receipt template 13

Download “Donation Receipt Template 13” donation-receipt-template-13.docx – Downloaded 45 times – 79 KB



Download “Donation Receipt Template 14” donation-receipt-template-14.doc – Downloaded 48 times – 51 KB



Download “Donation Receipt Template 15” donation-receipt-template-15.pdf – Downloaded 49 times – 78 KB



Download “Donation Receipt Template 16” donation-receipt-template-16.pdf – Downloaded 47 times – 109 KB



Download “Donation Receipt Template 17” donation-receipt-template-17.pdf – Downloaded 54 times – 103 KB



Download “Donation Receipt Template 18” donation-receipt-template-18.doc – Downloaded 58 times – 34 KB



Download “Donation Receipt Template 19” donation-receipt-template-19.pdf – Downloaded 50 times – 23 KB




Download “Donation Receipt Template 20” donation-receipt-template-20.pdf – Downloaded 44 times – 129 KB


Download “Donation Receipt Template 21” Donation-Receipt-Template-21-.docx – Downloaded 59 times – 90 KB



Download “Donation Receipt Template 22” Donation-Receipt-Template-22.pdf – Downloaded 38 times – 127 KB



Download “Donation Receipt Template 23” Donation-Receipt-Template-23-.pdf – Downloaded 48 times – 87 KB



Download “Donation Receipt Template 24” Donation-Receipt-Template-24-.doc – Downloaded 55 times – 48 KB



Download “Donation Receipt Template 25” Donation-Receipt-Template-25-.pdf – Downloaded 50 times – 92 KB

SO, it is to conclude that the charity we make is deductible if your itemized deductions are on your tax return. It can actually reduce any taxes that you owe. Only if you itemize your deductions, then the deductions can b made. In addition, you must also have the itemize records. So, make sure that when you donate money, you get a donation receipt or record that shows the name of the organization, the amount you give them and the date on which the payment is made. For larger donations, then they require specific documents. The record documents depend on the thing that you are donating. You have to learn about it in detail before making donations.

Here are some more previews and download links for these free Donation Receipt Templates.

Download “Donation Receipt Template 26” Donation-Receipt-Template-26.docx – Downloaded 51 times – 15 KB




Download “Donation Receipt Template 27” Donation-Receipt-Template-27-.pdf – Downloaded 43 times – 20 KB




Download “Donation Receipt Template 28” Donation-Receipt-Template-28.pdf – Downloaded 48 times – 93 KB




Download “Donation Receipt Template 29” Donation-Receipt-Template-29.pdf – Downloaded 46 times – 98 KB




Download “Donation Receipt Template 30” Donation-Receipt-Template-30-.png – Downloaded 72 times – 20 KB




Download “Donation Receipt Template 31” Donation-Receipt-Template-31.pdf – Downloaded 50 times – 224 KB




Download “Donation Receipt Template 32” Donation-Receipt-Template-32-.docx – Downloaded 49 times – 28 KB





Download “Donation Receipt Template 33” Donation-Receipt-Template-33.pdf – Downloaded 45 times – 673 KB





Download “Donation Receipt Template 34” Donation-Receipt-Template-34-.doc – Downloaded 42 times – 2 MB




Download “Donation Receipt Template 35” Donation-Receipt-Template-35.pdf – Downloaded 50 times – 56 KB



Download “Donation Receipt Template 36” Donation-Receipt-Template-36.pdf – Downloaded 38 times – 84 KB




Download “Donation Receipt Template 37” Donation-Receipt-Template-37.pdf – Downloaded 39 times – 113 KB




Download “Donation Receipt Template 38” Donation-Receipt-Template-38.pdf – Downloaded 37 times – 139 KB

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