Design Brief Templates

Download these Best Design Brief Templates that can help you to make your own Design Brief Template in a proper way.

Introduction To Design Brief:

Before starting a project, the organization or company has multiple meetings with the client. These meetings are crucial to understanding what the client wants to see in the end product and how he expects things or operations to happen while the project is executed. The team that executes the project is also presented in the meeting with the client so they can understand his expectations and make suggestions if something is not possible or difficult to execute on a limited budget.

Because these meetings happen very often, it is possible that if progress or discussions are not recorded properly, there is miscommunication or misunderstanding on either side. To avoid such a situation where the client says he expected something different while the team members strictly state that they notified the client about the changes, organizations create design briefs. A design brief is a document that includes and everything about a design project.

This document, unlike the project scope sheet, is edited multiple times while the project is in progress and each time if there is any difference i.e. budget is exceeding or the duration to meet a milestone increases, the client and the team members again sit together and discuss the situation. A more common purpose of creating a design brief is that the client wants to be involved in the execution of the project and he wants to see updates and notifications from the team leader until the project is finished.

Key Elements of a Design Brief:

  • Title
  • Content table
  • Company history and profile
  • Problem statement
  • Goals
  • Mutually agreed terms and condition
  • Customer’s expectations
  • Project team’s suggestions
  • Important milestones
  • Completion duration
  • Exact or expected budget
  • conclusion

Free Design Brief Templates

Check out these amazing Design Brief Templates which can be easily editable according to your choice

  1. Design Brief Template

    Download “Design Brief Template 01” – Downloaded 87 times – 239 KB

  2. Design Brief Template 02

Download “Design Brief Template 02” – Downloaded 91 times – 169 KB

  1. Design Brief Template 03

Download “Design Brief Template 03” – Downloaded 82 times – 101 KB

Editable Design Brief Templates

  1. Design Brief Template 04

Download “Design Brief Template 04” – Downloaded 94 times – 105 KB

Graphic Design Brief Example

Design Brief Template 05

Download “Design Brief Template 05” – Downloaded 89 times – 261 KB

Design Brief Template 06


Download “Design Brief Template 06” – Downloaded 77 times – 876 KB

Design Brief Template 07

Download “Design Brief Template 07” – Downloaded 85 times – 16 KB

Design Brief Template 08

Download “Design Brief Template 08” – Downloaded 82 times – 336 KB

Design Brief Template 09

Download “Design Brief Template 09” – Downloaded 96 times – 42 KB

Creative Design Brief Template

Design Brief Template 10

Download “Design Brief Template 10” – Downloaded 78 times – 18 KB

Design Brief Template 11

Download “Design Brief Template 11” – Downloaded 72 times – 24 KB

Design Brief Template 12

Download “Design Brief Template 12” – Downloaded 72 times – 80 KB

Design Brief Template 13

Download “Design Brief Template 13” – Downloaded 71 times – 139 KB

Ux Design Brief Template

Design Brief Template 14

Download “Design Brief Template 14” – Downloaded 71 times – 11 KB

Design Brief Template 15

Download “Design Brief Template 15” – Downloaded 96 times – 45 KB


Design Brief Template 16

Download “Design Brief Template 16” – Downloaded 86 times – 12 KB

Design Brief Template 17

Download “Design Brief Template 17” – Downloaded 96 times – 7 KB

Design Brief Template 18

Download “Design Brief Template 18” – Downloaded 101 times – 155 KB

Design Brief Template 19

Download “Design Brief Template 19” – Downloaded 80 times – 24 KB

Design Brief Template 20

Download “Design Brief Template 20” – Downloaded 95 times – 110 KB

Logo Design Brief Template

Design Brief Template 21

Download “Design Brief Template 21” – Downloaded 70 times – 69 KB

Design Brief Template 22

Download “Design Brief Template 22” – Downloaded 78 times – 185 KB

Design Brief Template Word

Design Brief Template 23

Download “Design Brief Template 23” – Downloaded 95 times – 24 KB

Design Brief Sample

Design Brief Template 24

Download “Design Brief Template 24” – Downloaded 85 times – 124 KB

Design Brief Template 25

Download “Design Brief Template 25” – Downloaded 95 times – 11 KB

Guidelines to Create a Design Brief:

  1. Description of Project:
    This is the starting of the design brief and it’s kept very short and precise. You can say that this is the title of the brief where the writer states the description of the project in a single sentence so it’s quickly understandable.
  2. Introduction to Involved Parties:
    Then comes the part where introduction to each involved party is given in the design brief. Starting with the company that is executing the project or creating the product, name of the client and his company name, his contact details and date on which he approved the project scope for beginning of the project and most importantly, names of the project team members who will execute the project.
  3. Scope of The Project:
    Unlike project description, this part is written with full descriptions and explanation about the project. It’s absolutely perfect to include as much details regarding the project as possible because this part is crucial for the entire design brief.
  4. List of Services Expected By The Client:
    A very common situation that clients and project team members encounter is that they don’t understand what exactly the client wants and what services he expects to see from the project team. A design brief is a great document in this perspective because it includes all the expected and required services for the convenience of the project team members.
  5. Target Audience or End User of The Product:
    Although it’s not common but some design briefs include the description of the end user of the product. If it’s a project, the brief will specify the users and its purpose. This part is important for the project team as they can coordinate better and bring the project closer to the expectations and comfort of the end users if they understand the exact purpose of the project.
  6. Expected Style of The Product/Project:
    Although there are only a few incidents when client expected something completely different out of a project and the project team was unaware of the fact that they are going in a completely different direction but still it can happen. This is why it’s important for the client to give example or discuss existing resemblance with the expected product or project so the project team can better understand what is expected after completion and how they can work to get the product closer to the desired shape and style.
  7. Project Budget:
    Budget is perhaps the most important element of a project and a design brief. If you ask around, most companies refuse to execute a project or a client leaves the company just because they suspect the project will require more budget than allocated funds. This means budget and makes or break a deal between a client and an organization. When money is that important for both parties, it’s important to include it in the design brief so there is no confusion. Along with including set budget of the project, you can also include a payment schedule i.e. advance, periodic payments and final settlement after completion.
  8. Duration of Completion:
    A design brief is considered incomplete if there is no specific duration of completion is added. There are only rare chances when a customer or client doesn’t want to see a product within specific period of time and he gives free hand to the team members to complete the product when they desire. In most cases, there is a specific deadline to finish the project or deliver the product and this duration should be mentioned in the brief design. Along with that, the duration to achieve each important milestone should also be added here.

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