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Cost Benefit Analysis, usually known as CBA is used widely in almost all sectors. The analysis can be done by a group or by an individual both for business or personal investment. Generally, people invest to get higher returns in future. But there is always a cost involved in the investment. Thus, your return must be greater than the cost or the expenditure incurred to get sustainable profits. For this purpose, one must do Cost Benefit Analysis prior to the investment.

There are financial experts who deal in the same field but they do in depth analysis using proper methods and calculations. They are hired by big businessmen who invest in huge figures. But if you wish to do an analysis for your investment, you can follow the guidelines mentioned below. This will certainly help in reducing risk and thus leading to higher returns.

Cost Benefit Analysis Format

Cost Benefit Analysis is a systematic approach used for comparing various investments. Thus, to know whether you are investing in the right project, it is important to consider the same and also whether you will get a good ROI.

The Cost Benefit Analysis is done in monetary terms usually known as time value of money. It is a method to do the analysis and is calculated to get the Net Present Value (NPV). This method is little complex but if a Finance expert is consulted your work can be easily done.

Apart from this, a general analysis can be done which also contributes to Cost Benefit Analysis. This includes risk analysis, cost-effective analysis, economic impact analysis, etc. But they can only help in giving a general estimate of the analysis. Thus, it is advised not to completely rely on those. A better approach is to follow the process of Cost Benefit Analysis as mentioned below.

Using Cost Benefit Analysis Templates

List down all the investment projects where you wish to invest. Do not forget to mention the alternatives along with the projects on the hit list. Choose a scale to measure the elements which contribute significantly (cost wise). Consider a time period (say 5 years or so) and estimate, or forecast the cost and the returns. Ensure that the cost of all the components is mentioned in the same unit and currency. This is done to make the calculations easier. Also, it gives a better understanding when the same units are compared with each other. Next, calculate the Net Present Value by using an appropriate discount rate.

Lastly, do a sensitivity analysis. In this step, you are to check for the returns if costs and expenditures are altered along with the varying discount rate. Once, you are done with this, choose the best option that gives more benefits and returns, keeping the cost factor same.

Free Cost Benefit Analysis Templates

The Cost Benefit Analysis considers the users involved, non-users, social benefits or impact of the investment and any other external effects as well as related factors. Thus, if the above steps are followed, you can easily choose the best investment option to get higher returns.

Here are previews and download links for these Cost Benefit Analysis Templates.

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 01” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-001.xlsx – Downloaded 48 times – 87 KB

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 02” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-002.xlsx – Downloaded 48 times – 39 KB

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 03” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-003.xlsx – Downloaded 42 times – 71 KB

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 04” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-004.xlsx – Downloaded 40 times – 27 KB

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 05” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-005.xlsx – Downloaded 38 times – 973 KB

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 06” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-006.xlsx – Downloaded 36 times – 77 KB

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 07” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-007.xlsx – Downloaded 43 times – 160 KB

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 08” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-008.xlsx – Downloaded 38 times – 220 KB

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 09” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-009.xlsx – Downloaded 46 times – 14 KB




Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 10” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-010.xlsx – Downloaded 39 times – 20 KB




Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 11” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-011.xlsx – Downloaded 43 times – 22 KB



Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 12” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-012.docx – Downloaded 186 times – 54 KB



Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 13” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-013.docx – Downloaded 57 times – 12 KB

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 14” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-014.xlsx – Downloaded 42 times – 36 KB

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 15” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-015.xlsx – Downloaded 44 times – 22 KB



Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 16” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-016.xlsx – Downloaded 56 times – 36 KB



Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 17” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-017.docx – Downloaded 46 times – 135 KB




Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 18” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-018.doc – Downloaded 42 times – 178 KB



Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 19” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-019.xlsx – Downloaded 51 times – 32 KB

Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 20” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-020.docx – Downloaded 50 times – 17 KB



Download “Cost Benefit Analysis Template 021” Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Template-021.xlsx – Downloaded 39 times – 133 KB

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