Contingency Plan Templates

Download these amazing Contingency Plan Templates that can help you easily make your own Contingency Plan.

Introduction to Contingency Plan:

When it comes to business plans, nothing is 100% certain. It doesn’t matter how much planning you conduct or how much qualified staff you have, there is always some room for problems and disasters. Intelligent business owners understand that encountering a problem is inevitable and sometimes you can’t stop it or prevent but you can certainly prepare for it. This is what we call a contingency plan.

A contingency plan can be called a plan B that is only applied when plan A goes sideways. Keep in mind that a contingency plan doesn’t have to refer to a bad situation always but there can be good news in the future that you want to prepare yourself for but commonly when we say contingency plan, people quickly understand that it refers to a bad situation i.e. natural disaster or inflation, change in consumer behavior, etc.

Importance and Uses of Contingency Plan:

There are always hundreds and thousands of things that can go wrong when it comes to any business. You can never prepare yourself for every surprise or disaster that is coming in the future. Contingency plans help business owners understand and forecast a disaster that might happen in the future. This way when the organization knows that a problem is going to occur sooner or later, it’s better to have an emergency plan ready.

What makes contingency plans important and vital for organizations is that it takes some time to develop and create a contingency plan but if everything goes smoothly without any disturbance, there is no need to implement the plan, and this way your business can continue on the right course. Global organizations create multiple contingency plans for almost any sort of problem or disaster.

For instance, they can have a contingency plan for a natural disaster i.e. flood, storm, or heavy snowfall, they can have a contingency plan for inflation or devaluation of money or crash of stock exchange or they can have a separate contingency plan for the situation where a rival organization offers better salary packages to their employees and they suddenly start leaving the organization.

Free Editable Contingency Plan Templates

Download these 25 Free Contingency Plan Templates to start preparing your own Contingency Plan quickly and easily.

Contingency Plan Templates

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Contingency Plan Template 02

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Contingency Plan Template 03

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Contingency Plan Template 04

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How to Write a Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan Template 05

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Contingency Plan Template 06

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Contingency Plan Template 07

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Contingency Plan Template 08

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Contingency Plan Template 09


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Contingency Plan Example for it Projects

Contingency Plan Template 10

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Contingency Plan Template 11

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Security Contingency Plan Template

Contingency Plan Template 12

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Contingency Plan Template 13

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Contingency Plan Template 14

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Business Contingency Plan Template

Contingency Plan Template 15

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Contingency Plan Template 16

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Contingency Plan Template 17

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Contingency Plan Template 18

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Contingency Plan MS Word

Contingency Plan Template 19

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Contingency Plan Template 20

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Contingency Plan Template 21

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Contingency Plan Template 22

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Contingency Plan Template 23

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Contingency Plan Example Small Business

Contingency Plan Template 24

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Contingency Plan Template 25


Download “Contingency Plan Template 25” – Downloaded 64 times – 34 KB

Guidelines for Creating a Contingency Plan:

  1. Find Possible Disasters:

    Although similar organizations might have similar disasters or problems it’s not true in all cases. For creating contingency plans, it’s better to consider your organization as one of a kind and then start evaluating all possible disasters that could happen in the coming future. Make sure to include all problems including natural disasters, human errors, market behavior, and inflation. Once you have the list of possible problems, you can start creating at least one contingency plan for each disaster.

  2. See How They Affect Your Business:

    As soon you have the list of possible problems, the next step for creating a contingency plan is to see how each of these problems might impact your organization. For instance, if you are creating a contingency plan for flood, you need to explain how it will affect your organization i.e. damage to the property and equipment, power outage, production loss, employee turnover, order cancellation, and delays in delivery dates. It is important to understand the impact of each disaster on your business because this is the only way you can prepare yourself and your business for the upcoming problems.

  3. Create an Alternative Plan:

    Now that you understand possible problems and how they will affect your business, the next step is to create an alternative plan or plan B for each scenario. This is the final portion of a contingency plan but it’s the most important part because this is something that will make your business stand up or survive after a disaster has happened. This portion can be short or lengthy depending on the size of your organization and the type of the disaster. Keep in mind that this is the alternative plan and your organization might have to depend completely on this plan so you should spend more time finalizing it.

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