Character Good Conduct Certificate Templates

There is a very common saying that you should never judge a book by its cover. This can be understood in many ways but one way is that if someone appears innocent in first appearance, it doesn’t mean they can’t harm another human being. These days many countries that allow foreign workers or visitors often find out that they person they allowed to enter in the country is a wanted criminal in their home country. Not only this but when an employer hires new employees, he doesn’t know their history except what the applicants tell him and if someone has a criminal record, possibility is they are not going to talk about it. In order to make sure that the person getting work or visit visa to enter a country has no criminal record, good conduct certificate is required. Individuals are asked to produce this document from their home country or previous employer proving that they have good behavior and don’t cause any immediate threat to people around them.

Importance and scope of Good Conduct Certificate:

If you have never traveled outside of your country, you might not know what a good conduct certificate is and why one would need it for. On the contrary, if you travel internationally especially to Gulf countries i.e. Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you understand that in order to get work permit in those countries, you need to provide a good conduct certificate. This certificate is issued by the country whose nationality you hold. This certificate will indicate that you have good character and you don’t have any criminal history. The countries that have very low rate of crime have the standard procedure of asking visitors and workers to provide a good conduct certificate before they are get visa.

In another scenario, not only the countries are getting conscious but the employers are also getting extra alert of who they hire for work. A small domestic company might not require their employees to go through the trouble of producing a good conduct certificate but a multinational organization definitely has some rules and regulations about who they hire and what are their credentials. Not only that hiring a criminal could destroy the goodwill of a reputed company in the market but if employees find out that there is an ex-con working among them, they can get pretty uncomfortable or disturbed.

Another situation for the use of good conduct certificate is when an individual does have some criminal history either minor or serious offenses and he wants to get hired. In order to get employed, he would go to his parole officer or any other authorized person who can vouch for him that even if he has criminal history, he is no longer considered a threat to the society.

Guidelines for preparing a Good Conduct Certificate:

  1. Details of the applicant:
    A good conduct certificate is a very common and widely used document and it’s only issued on request on individual with stating the reason or use of it. This document is in fact printed in shape of a certificate or diploma where the top of the document shows the name of the department that issued it. For instance, it can be local police station or municipality office or even embassy in some cases. Below the name of the department, there appears the name of the applicant whose character or conduct is verified with the certificate. Then there is the date on which the certificate is made along with other relevant details of the applicant’s his father’s name or her husband’s name, social security number, national identification number, state or city where the individual is residing and the nationality the individual holds. When this good conduct certificate is requested for specifically driving jobs, it’s important to mention driving license number as well.
  2. Details of person preparing the certificate:
    It’s important to add all the important details of the individual applying for the good conduct certificate but it’s equally important to mention the details of the person preparing the document. This person can be a municipality clerk who is authorized to prepare this document or a law enforcement officer i.e. sergeant or police officer of local police station who has the authority to make this good conduct certificate. This part should include their full name, designation and their job scale if applicable i.e. in Pakistan; you need to be at least of 17th grade government officer to prepare this certificate.
  3. Good conduct statement:
    This is the third portion and main part of a character conduct certificate and it includes complete statement that the person preparing the document finds the applicant of good conduct. They have searched his criminal history and found no or mentioned offenses from the record. For instance, if there are no offenses registered against the individual, the statement will state there is no criminal record of the applicant. If there is something i.e. travels violation or even theft or murder, the statement will include full details of the offense(s).
  4. Signature of the authorized person:
    Most of the time, the person preparing a good conduct certificate doesn’t have the authority to actually sign it but they have to go to their supervisor for their signature and confirmation that the details added in the certificate are correct. In either case, the bottom of the certificate will include signature and stamp of the individual authorizing the certificate. This part also includes the date on which the certificate is signed.

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