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In a way, you can say that a capability statement is just like a resume for your business. When you apply for a job, you present your resume that includes your credentials, expertise and experience and this document helps the employer understand what makes you different among other applicants. A capability statement also works almost in the same manner but it’s different because it’s a resume of a company or organization not an individual. In a capability statement, you explain core values and objectives of your company, reasons for it to exist, what you have done in the past, what you plan to do in the future and most importantly, introduction and explanation of your services or products.

Importance of Capability Statement:

In this digital age when everything is on your fingertips, conducting business is becoming tougher and tougher. Every day we see a new company or organization in the market than claims to be better than others. If you go on any company’s official website, it seems there is no match for their services or products but in reality, things are different. False data and wrong statements can get you a client once but it’s not possible to keep that client for longer without providing excellent services and products. Marketing in the right direction and at the right time is crucial for any business and when some companies use their capability statements solely for sharing their credentials and capabilities with clients and customers; most companies use these as an effective tool of advertisement. This statement is something that tells a potential client what your company is capable of, what solutions you have for common problems and why your competitors are no match to your services.

Important Elements to Include in a Capability Statement:

Here are some important elements that can help out to make your own Capability Statement.

  • Introduction of the company or organization
  • A short explanation of the history of the company
  • Names of other businesses that you have partnered with
  • Explanation of your services or products
  • Company’s vision and core objectives
  • Company’s mission statement
  • Capabilities of your company
  • Specific qualities that distinguish you among competitors
  • Contact information


Here we introduced some previews and download links of these official sample resume capability statement examples.

Capability Statement Pdf


Capability Statement Template 01


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Capability Statement Template 02


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Capability Statement Template 03

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Capability Statement Template 04


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Capability Statement Template 05


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Financial Capability Statement Template

Capability Statement Template 06


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Capability Statement Template 07


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Capability Statement Template 08

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Capability Statement Template 09


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Capability Statement Template 10


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Capability Statement Template 11


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Nonprofit Capability Statement


Capability Statement Template 12


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Capability Statement Template 13


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Capability Statement Template 14


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Capability Statement Template 15


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Common uses of Capability Statements:

There can be many reasons and purposes of preparing a capability statement template but the most common reason is to attract more clients and new customers. Whether a company has a hundred clients or thousands of them, it’s never enough for any organization. Every business wants to expand over time and marketing and advertisement is the key to business success. In a way, you can say that capability statement also acts as a marketing tactic but it’s different because it allows the clients or customers to see what your company is capable of and what solutions you have for the problems that customers are facing. Organizations put their capability statements on their websites and print these on brochures and pamphlets to be distributed among potential clients.

A capability statement comes handy and it’s often required by government departments when requesting potential clients or contractors to enter a bid. It doesn’t matter if government is requesting your services or specific products but when they allow you to present your bid, they need to make sure that your company has the capability and sources to perform the services or deliver the products.In this scenario, you can present a customized capability statement that focuses on your previous achievements and successful partnerships. Many of the private contractors request subcontractors to present capability statements before entering an agreement. This way, the contractor can ensure he signs the agreement with a subcontractor who is fully capable of required services.

Free Printable Capability Statement Templates


Capability Statement Template 16


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Information Technology Capability Statement Examples

Capability Statement Template 17


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Creative Capability Statement

Capability Statement Template 18


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Capability Statement Template 19


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Capability Statement Template 20


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Capability Statement Template 21


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Capability Statement Template 22


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Simple Capability Statement Workshop Sheet

Capability Statement Template 23



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Capability Statement Templates


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Capability Statement Template 25


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Capability Statement Template 26


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Capability Statement Template 27


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Capability Statement Template 28


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Capability Statement Template 29


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Capability Statement Template 30


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