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Introduction to a Business Model:

A while ago, it was considered that a business model is just an explanation of how a company or organization is supposed to make money and profit but this definition of business model has changed in last few decades. Now people consider this business plan to explain how the company will make money along with what goals and objectives the leadership has, where they see the company in coming five to ten years, what they want to achieve with the operations and how they are going to take the company to the expected heights.

Key Elements of a Business Model Templates:

  • Executive summary
  • Opportunity
  • Execution
  • Management summary
  • Company’s history and summary
  • Financial plan
  • Appendix

Free Business Model Templates MS Word

Here are wide previews of Business Model Templates that can help out Preparing a business model effectively.

Business Model Template 01.

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Business Model Template 002

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Business Model Template 003

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Business Model Template 004

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Business Model Template 005

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Business Model Template 006

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Business Model Template 007

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Business Model Template 008

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Business Model Template 009

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Business Model Template 010

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Download “Business Model Template 11” – Downloaded 16 times – 50 KB

Business Model Template 012

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Business Model Template 013

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Business Model Template 014

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Business Model Template 015

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Business Model Template 016

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Business Model Templates

Download “Business Model Template 17” – Downloaded 28 times – 3 MB

Guidelines to Create a Business Model:

  1. Create a perfect executive summary:
    An executive summary is something that every reader will read before reaching any other document in the file. In a way you can say that it’s like a CV that you send in your job application with Resume, Portfolio and cover letter. By looking at the executive summary, the readers can quickly evaluate core values of your company, its history and roots in the market, qualification of management and employees, previous quarter’s profit and expenses and liabilities if the company has any.
  2. Opportunity:
    This part of a business model is the most important and crucial one and most of the readers only take interest in this area simply because this part tells them each and every detail about your company that they want to know. Starting with what you make or offer is the most important question. You can produce goods, electric appliances or provide home cleaning services. This part answers particular questions i.e. what problems the market is facing, how you are planning to solve these problems, what you have done in order to making a solution, who will take interest in your product or service and how your business is going to fit into an already overcrowded market with dozens of competitors doing business from last 50 years or more.
  3. Execution:
    After that, here comes another crucial part of the business model. This is the portion where you actually start talking and discussing how you will run your company. There is a problem that your company can solve but how you are going to prepare that solution is this portion is all about. In simple words, here you need to discuss how you are going to make everything work in a highly competitive market with so many companies already working with thousands and thousands of customers.
  4. Management and company’s summary:
    This is more of a theoretical portion of a business model but it still has its importance and significance. In this part you can discuss how the company started i.e. your grandparent started it and then your father inherited and now you have inherited it. Here you can talk about the trends that your ancestors kept that made this a successful company, how far you have come in this long journey and most importantly, introduction to core members of your management whose support is very important for the company. Another important part of this portion is to establish important milestones that you expect your company to achieve in coming future.
  5. Financial plan:
    Regardless of size and operations, the core purpose of a business is to make money. This means when you are writing a business model, you can’t ignore monetary matters and you need to discuss various aspects of it. Starting with the capital investment that you or your partners will make in order to start the company and how much of it will be spent on buying assets and how much of it will be kept aside for rainy days. Then comes the complicated figures i.e. projections of sales for first 12 months as soon the company starts, expected expenses of business for the first year and most importantly, profit margin for 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year of operations.


Business Model Template 018

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Business Model Template 019

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Business Model Template 020

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Business Model Template 021

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Business Model Template 022


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