Birth Certificate Templates

Are you looking for beautiful and fillable Birth Certificate Templates? These templates can help you to make your best Certificate easily.

In order to commemorate the birth of your child, it’s a great way to make your own perfectly designed and fancy Birth Certificate using modern design trends. You can easily find a variety of ready-to-use Birth Certificate templates online with fancy colors, beautiful designs, and charming borders where you can fill out data about your child’s name, weight, color, physical status, date of birth and year of birth.

To personalize your Birth Certificate, you can mention something special, i.e. quote or just a line about child, to make it more special and add more joy to it. Give your child the recognition he / she deserves with professionally and beautifully designed Birth Certificate Templates.

Birth Certificate Format Guide

Other important components of a Birth Certificate involve the registrar’s seal/stamp, signatures, issuing date, and unique barcode number along with recognition details. A typical Birth Certificate is an officially certified document of a person that is commonly used to help establish their identity.

You can follow modern design trends to create a pretty Birth Certificate for your child. Follow the steps described below to complete the process. First of all select a ready-to-use template from the internet that has a beautiful border or faded images in the background. Print it out on a good quality blank paper.

You may also go for a colored paper according to your design. Ready-to-use templates usually have a complete set of all required lines on it.  However, if you need more fields you can customize it. Some templates include the father’s name field and others may not. It depends if you want to add the father’s name on the certificate or not.


Free Birth Certificate Templates

Here are several Free Birth Certificate Templates to assist you in the process of designing and printing a unique birth certificate.


Birth Certificate Template 15

Download “Birth Certificate Template 15” – Downloaded 434 times – 990 KB




Birth Certificate Template 16

Download “Birth Certificate Template 16” – Downloaded 130 times – 994 KB



Birth Certificate Template 17

Download “Birth Certificate Template 17” – Downloaded 85 times – 28 KB

Birth Certificate Template 18

Download “Birth Certificate Template 18” – Downloaded 100 times – 27 KB

Birth Certificate Template 01

Download “Birth Certificate Template 01” Birth-Certificate-Template-001.pdf – Downloaded 101 times – 534 KB


Birth Certificate Template 02

Download “Birth Certificate Template 02” Birth-Certificate-Template-002.pdf – Downloaded 122 times – 90 KB


Birth Certificate Template 03

Download “Birth Certificate Template 03” Birth-Certificate-Template-003.pdf – Downloaded 125 times – 276 KB


Birth Certificate Template 04

Download “Birth Certificate Template 04” Birth-Certificate-Template-004.pdf – Downloaded 89 times – 329 KB


Birth Certificate Template 05

Download “Birth Certificate Template 05” Birth-Certificate-Template-005.pdf – Downloaded 127 times – 233 KB


Birth Certificate Template 06

Download “Birth Certificate Template 06” Birth-Certificate-Template-006.pdf – Downloaded 122 times – 187 KB


Birth Certificate Template 07

Download “Birth Certificate Template 07” Birth-Certificate-Template-007.pdf – Downloaded 150 times – 408 KB


Birth Certificate Template 08

Download “Birth Certificate Template 08” Birth-Certificate-Template-008.pdf – Downloaded 94 times – 355 KB


Birth Certificate Templates

Download “Birth Certificate Template 09” Birth-Certificate-Template-009.pdf – Downloaded 93 times – 313 KB

Birth Certificate Template 10

Download “Birth Certificate Template 10” Birth-Certificate-Template-010.pdf – Downloaded 95 times – 821 KB


Birth Certificate Template 11

Download “Birth Certificate Template 11” Birth-Certificate-Template-011.pdf – Downloaded 99 times – 376 KB


Birth Certificate Template 12

Download “Birth Certificate Template 12” Birth-Certificate-Template-012.pdf – Downloaded 103 times – 90 KB


Birth Certificate Template 13

Download “Birth Certificate Template 13” Birth-Certificate-Template-013.pdf – Downloaded 111 times – 269 KB


Birth Certificate Template 14

Download “Birth Certificate Template 14” Birth-Certificate-Template-014.doc – Downloaded 90 times – 44 KB

Birth Certificate – Key Elements

There are so many good and bad sides of adding a father’s name on the Birth Certificate document and it all goes after your choice and requirement. Adding a father’s name gives your child a benefit of social and financial support from father. If father’s name is listed on the child’s Birth Certificate, child can get health insurance coverage benefit whenever needed. Moreover, if the certificate includes father’s name, child can get social and other death benefits on the event of father’s death.

On the other hand, in case of some dispute between the parents (mother and father) of child, Birth Certificate having father’s name on it can create more troubles to mother. It may also be the case when father is not located, child cannot get school admission, apply for passport or any other legal documents without having direct order issued by court.

Birth Certificate Design Trends

Birth Certificate design trends may be different for your little girl or boy. For a baby girl, you can choose pink or sweet colors and images to show tenderness, while for baby boy, you can go for blue color and images like cow boy cap, king crown, etc. Some commonly used images on Birth Certificate include baby pins, diapers, milk bottles, butterflies, toys, little feet, teddy bears and many more using beautiful and sweet colors. Title in bigger text and bold goes on the top of the document and the other text comes after that in small text. Printable Birth Certificates are also available on web to make your job convenient.

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